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I've had so many people ask about the photograph on my pages, that I thought I'd take just a moment to tell you about it.  When I started this project, I looked at so many borders and backgrounds from page designers that are so good ..... so much better than me. I wanted something that really stands out, but wanted to be very careful that I didn't use anything too "flip" or inappropriate.  Let's face it folks, the subject matter I'm dealing with certainly isn't "flip."

After looking at so many beautiful borders and not being able to decide, I remembered this picture.  I've been dabbling with digital photography for the last couple of years, so much so, that my regular camera sits lonely on the shelf.

In the summer of '99 ... July .... Kathy had just come out of "yet another" rehab center (a story for another day).  She was doing okay so we decided to take her on vacation with us.  I'm a beach person and my favorite vacation spot in the whole world .... is Myrtle Beach, S.C.  (Okay .... so I'm not a world traveler!)  We have a camper and go there with it several times a year.

On our last evening at the beach, I went down to take pictures of the sunset.  (Keep in mind .... Myrtle Beach .... east coast ..... sunset isn't towards the ocean.)  Kathy was with me .... sitting right beside me when I took this picture. When I went back to the camper and pulled them up on my computer (okay .... LOL .... I'll admit it ... I'm a computer "nerd" ... I travel with a laptop and aircard) I really loved the pictures and was thinking about how calm and peaceful the pictures looked, nothing like what the last few months of our lives had been like.  But then I thought, maybe ... just maybe .... this time the rehab had worked.  Maybe we'd continue to see the peace and calm that we were living in the last few days at the beach.  Maybe the peace and calm of that picture would go home with us the next day.

Oh well ..... it stayed with us for a little while .... maybe a couple of months.  Anyway, I call the picture "the calm before ... yet another .... storm."  When I thought about this picture, I knew I had to use it in my graphic design.

I've you've been here before, you know I've just completed a major re-decorating effort.  I took my photo to a good friend of mine, Scarlett, of Scarlett's Web, and she and I worked closely to come up with just the right look.  She did a fabulous job and I'm thrilled with it!  Thanks, Scarlett .... for a great job that even surpassed my expectations!




Scarletts Web Graphics

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