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Otakou Silver Award

"Your website has given much pleasure to our evaluators during the evaluation process and we were impressed with the standard of quality you provided for viewing."  
Ronda ~ Otakou New Zealand Online Awards Program
AS Rated 4.5

Jazmine Award


"I was very moved by your words and the content of your site. I was captivated and read most all of what you wrote. I think Mums who go through this with their children deserve some kind of recognition".   ~ Jazmine ~

Dark Blue Knight Award


"Congratulations. I feel your site is worthy of recognition. Your message is so needed in today's world."    ~ Dark Blue Knight ~

Flaming Heart Award


"After reviewing your site, our panel feels that without a doubt, your site deserves our award. It is very well crafted in both design and content."  Country Heart & Blackhawk ~ Flaming Heart Panel


"I was looking at your site when I received a link from someone to go look at it. It's very beautiful and informative. Please accept my award for a beautiful site."    Cathi ~ Welcome To My World

Welcome To My World Award


"Your site was nominated by someone for the Crystal Award of Honor and has won an award."   ~ Hostess of Enchanting Awards for Webpage Excellence ~

Enchanted Award


"We at are pleased to award you the Psychohelp BRONZE award. The Psychohelp award is given to websites who's intention it is to educate the visitor."   ~ Psychohelp - UK ~

PsychoHelp Award


"I am sending you my Purple Rose of Excellence Award. Your site is very deserving of both. You've done a great job. Keep up the good work."  
Cheryl ~ My Purple Pages



Purple Rose Award



"You have such a wonderful, much needed site. I am honored to give you my awards, you deserve them so much. Keep up the great work you are doing. I hug you, I applaud you, I wish there were more like you." 
- Catt ~ The Catt Box



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