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Snoopy's Award

"Great home page! I can see that you have put a lot of work and time into it. Keep up the great work! I enjoyed my visit to your world on the web. Everything was beautiful!"   ~ Judy's Holiday Home Page ~

Claudia's Light Award


"I very much enjoyed my visit to your site. It definitely deserves my newest award ... Claudia's Light Award, since your page definitely spreads Light in the World".   Claudia ~ Ask Claudia

Shangri-La Award


"Congratulations. You have won The Shangri-La Award! Your pages are well-organized, has useful and/or interesting content, is pleasing to the eye, and has great design."   Amanda ~ Shangri-La

Loren Award


"I have never seen a site as beautiful and as touching as yours. I am honored to give you my award. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself and for touching people's lives."   ~ Loren San Diego ~

Danny's Homepage Award


"Please accept this award for a job well done. If it helps just one person realize the evils of drugs, then it certainly has served its purpose".
Danny ~ Danny's HomePage

Inspiration & Hope Award


"Vicki, I am so happy to give this award to you. The Inspiration and Hope award was made especially for you because your pages deserve special recognition. 
I hope you like it."  
~ My Place of Serenity ~

Golden Web Award


"Congratulations! Your website has been reviewed and chosen to bear the 1999-2000 Golden Web Award."
~ International Association of Webmasters & Designers ~



Carleigh's Award


"Your site is very beautiful. We do not have anyone in our family that had or has an addiction, but being a mother made your site even more beautiful for me. I could never go through what you have. You are a special woman ... a special mother!"   ~ Carleigh's Award ~

In Pursuit Of A Quiet Life Award


"Your site is so moving that just after a few pages I knew that I had to show you just how beautiful. You have touched the depths of my soul."
Caitlin Jay ~ In Pursuit Of A Quiet Life


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