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Universal Mandala

"You have received the Universal Mandala for your unique website."
Anika ~ Peace & Light ~ Earth Mandala

Beauty Award 2000


"Congratulations. Your website is wonderful. BRAVO!"
Coccynelle ~ Cox Ima

Great Product Award


"Well done!"   Webmaster ~ Hygiene Apparatus



Lady J's Survivor Award


"I have just visted your homepage and it was wonderful.... warm, friendly and welcoming ... just the kind I like. You've put a lot of yourself into it and your spirit just flows from it. Thanks so much for sharing yourself with me. I also want to present you with my survivor gift, which is most dear to me and which I am most proud to present. The human spirit never ceases to amaze me. No matter what obstacles are thrown in our paths, we continue on. Not only do we continue on, we learn from them ... and grow stronger.  You are truly a survivor." - Lady J

Outstanding Courage Award


"I was very moved by your words and the content of your site. I was captivated and read most all of what you wrote. I think Mums who go through this with their children deserve some kind of recognition".   ~ Jazmine ~

Literary Soul Award


"Your site has been awarded our WarmEmbers Literary Soul Award." Your pages display beautiful art work, wonderful creative writings and you offer your visitor many wonderful services.   Casharion ~ WamEmbers' Words in Symphony

For The Love Of Children Award


"I have visited your site and it is with great pleasure that I present to you my "For The Love of Children Award. Your hard work and love shows on every page and you certainly deserve these awards."   Vicki ~ Vicki's Place

Joann's Excellence Award


"I have reviewed your site and find that you have a wonderful site very well put together. .. and so helpful to those in need. Your candlelight page is a wonderful service to those of us who deal with these problems on a daily basis."   ~ Joann Romans ~

Touch of Heaven Award


"Congratulations. We have reviewed your site and found it to be beautiful as well as loving."   ~ Touch of Heaven ~


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