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Award of Excellence

"I visited your site today and felt your pain, as well as your hope for your future. It was most inspirational and a message which I feel should be shared with all. You've done a great job with your site."~ Betty Logic~

Inner Dreams Fabulous Site Award


"I was at your site recently and was impressed by the content within your site as well as the overall appearance of your it. Congratulations!"
Louise ~ Inner Dreams

Johnny Lightning Award


"You have done an excellent job on your site. Excellent content and easy to navigate"   ~ Johnny Lightning ~

Beryle's Award


"You truly have strength in creating these pages. The internet needs more pages like this. You have done an excellent job."   ~ Beryle Wyatte 

Outstanding Site Award


"I have visited your site and feel that you have well earned this award. God bless you."   Gypsy Rose ~ Sharon Rose

Team Creations Great Site Award


"Our Germany and USA Team Creations staff performed a complete website evaluation. Your site scored VERY well." ~ Team Creations ~

Joyzine Website Award


"Congratulations, you are the recipient of JoyZine's Wonderful Website Award."    ~ JoyZine and The Adventures of Zoe ~
AS Rated 4.0



Lynx 2000 Monthly Award


"Congratulations, your site has been chosen as one of the twelve monthly winners of The Lynx Award. I really enjoyed your site and found it well worth of The Lynx Award."    ~ The Lynx Awards ~
AS Rated 3.5

Lynx 2000 Award


"Congratulations ... your site has been chosen as the April monthly winner of the Lynx 2000 Award. This is indeed an honor as only 12 of these are given each year."   ~ The Lynx Awards ~
AS Rated 3.5


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