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Once In A Blue Moon Award

"Congratulations! Your site has won the Once In A Blue Moon Award for Excellence. Your site is not only beautiful, it is a treasure on the internet. You have done an excellent job!"   Angela ~ Blue Moon

Dynamic Website Award


"Congrats! I am honored to award you my Dynamic Website Design Award!"    Tammy ~ Xenancuffs

Berry Patch Award


"Congratulations! You have been awarded The Berry Patch Award of Excellence for your outstanding site! It was very beautifully done and heartfelt."     ~ The Berry Patch ~

Cross of Christ Award


"I was so touched by your site that I wanted to give you this award. God Bless and keep you and yours. I too, know how you feel as my son is an addict."    Lana ~ The Cross of Christ

Digital Diva's Site Bytes Award


"Your site has been judged by a panel of Digital Divas and deemed worthy of the prestigious "Bytes!" award."   ~ The Digital Divas ~

Words Do Touch The Heart Award


"I've been to your site and found it very touching. I would be honored to have you accept my award and posted it on your site. This is not an award that can be applied for."   Carolyn ~ Words Do Touch The Heart

MM Seekers Award


"We at MMSeekers are happy to let you know that you have won our Creative Award and have been added to our list of winners." 
~ Myron & Marilee Miller ~

Quincy Web Award


"Congratulations! Your site has been selected as the newest recipient of the Quincy Web Bright Site Award. We choose our award recipients very carefully (only accepting about 20% of sites we review), so you can be sure you deserve our award!"  
Renee Cantwell ~ Quincy Web Administrator
AS Rated 3.5

Golden Web 2000-2001 Award


"Congratulations! Your site has been chosen to bear the 2000 - 2001 Golden Web Award."    Golden Web Administrator


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