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You must click on the award below and visit the beautiful and heart-touching site "Just A Little South Of Heaven".  I have been there many, many times .... and my heart is touched every single time. ~ Vicki
Annah's Prince of Peace Award
"It is with pleasure that I award you "Annah's Prince of Peace" award.  I viewed your web site and found heartache but also the love that God uses when "He closes a door but opens a window".   Continue your fight for right...God will bless you.". ~ Ted ~


Creations By Cathy Award


"What a beautiful website.  It's very obvious that you poured your heart into the making of these pages.  I am proud to add you to my "Winner's List"!  Please accept this award for yor hard work in achieving web excellence and keep up the good work." 
~ Cathy, Creations by Cathy ~

Substance Abuse Award


As Executive Director of the Children's Preservation Society of Pennsylvania, it is my pleasure to award you with the CPS Substance Abuse Awareness Award.  I'd like to personally thank you for your efforts in presenting to the world, information about drug abuse.  Please know that your work WILL make a positive difference in someone's life.

TOTW Site Of The Month Award


My own group, Treasures Of The Web, surprised me with the Site Of The Month Award for the month of June, 2001. 

Spirituality Award


Social Award

Superior Site Award


Mr. Sands Award of Excellence

Diamond Catshark


Yes M'dear, I truly believe your site is well deserving of this!  Not just cuz you're my Sis *grin* but because of everything it stands for ... every bit of your heart that is there.  Your site not only means a great deal to you, but to everyone who passes through it's pages.

Given with much love and adoration,


Mystical Fantasy Award


Kilgore Bronze Award
AS Rated 3.0


Woman's Touch Gold Award
Received February 24th, 2002
AS Rated 3.5


Sheyzz Award



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