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GNAE Silver Award


Congratulations. Vicki!
Excellent site with a true meaning.
What a wonderful site and constructed with such feeling! I really found the site harrowing but the subject one that should be brought to the fore more often. Vicki, I am proud to have been given the honour of evaluating your site and wish you well in your future endeavours. Well Done!
AS Rated 4.5

42nd Street Bronze Award


After reviewing your web site, we have determined that your site qualifies for our Bronze Award! Hard work is displayed on countless websites, but it is only those which display that "something extra" that will earn an award from 42nd Street. Yours is one of those sites.  We were very touched by your site. Thank you for sharing it.
AS Rated 5.0

Asder Merit Award


It is a great pleasure for me to reward the excellent work you did on your website "Mothers of Addicts UNITED" with the 
Merit ASDER-AWARD .  Your website complies to our strict criteria. By meeting our standards, your website thus belongs to those sites that make the internet interesting.  We believe you worked hard for this site and wish you much fun with your site and the internet in the future.
AS Rated 4.5

Enchanted Award

"I enjoyed your site. Though it's a sad subject, it's something all too many of us deal with daily. I personally have never had an addiction problem, but I've known many who have. It's a tough road for everybody". ~ Wolf Whisper ~

Princess Heart Award


"It is with great honor and pride that I would like to present to you this award for creating such an excellent site, and your dedication to helping others.  My heart and prayers go out to you". 
~ Princess MS ~

Coat Of Many Colors Award


"I should probably explain the "Coat Of Many Colors Award".  It symbolizes that no one is denied, deprived, escapes ... or whatever the situation may be.  In your case .... we are all vulnerable ... we can all become addicts.  "There, but for the grace of God, go I". 
~ Coyote Jo ~

Copacabana Runners Award


Your site is pleasant to the eye, well organized, logical and easy to navigate. The content is accurate and useful to the intended audience. And, most of all, I feel that you put your heart and soul into making your site!  Congratulations for your courage to face the so cruel problem of drug abuse. I am sure that anyone who is dealing with this problem will find support and comfort in your site.
It's my pleasure present you with Copacabana Runners Heart & Soul.
AS Rated 3.5 


Gadzillion Award


Your site is truly a plus for the Internet and consequently I would like to reward your efforts with the Gadzillion Award For
Creative Thought on the Internet.
AS Rated 3.5

Ashkelon Excellence Award


Thank you for your excellent website. 
Please accept my humble awards.
~ Ashkelon Treasures ~


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