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ElCapitan Gold

It is my extreme pleasure to present you with the El Capitan Gold Award. I found your site to be full of excellent content, and it was wonderfully designed.
AS Rated 3.5 Silver Award


For A valuable Service to The Mothers Of Addicts Community -
AS Rated 3.0

Colleen's Corner Silver Award


I enjoyed my visit to your site, Mothers of Addicts UNITED, so very much. Your pages are all wonderfully done with very interesting and inspirational content. I am very pleased to offer you Colleen's Corner Silver Award. Congratulations on a wonderful site. I wish you continued success with this website and all future endeavors.
AS Rated 4.5

Outstanding Women Of The Web Award


You have an exceptional webpage and have done a great job on it.  One of the best I have ever seen.  My heart bleeds for you,my prayers are with you and I admire you so much for putting this on the Web.

Vicki,thank you again for sharing this on the WWW.  I have not walked a mile in your shoes,and pray it never comes to that.

Deco Gold Award


Congratulations On a Job Well Done!!!!!
Your Site has been reviewed and chosen to receive the 2001-2002 GOLD DECO AWARD.

Private Eye Excellence Award


You have a fine website which deserves recognition for not only your hard work, but the positive contribution it offers to the 
Internet community as well.
AS Rated 4.5

Lone Star Bronze Award


I enjoyed my visit to your site and have completed my review. It is my
great pleasure to award you with a Bronze Lone Star Design Award, which
is attached. 
AS Rated 4.0

Ashkelon Gold Award


Thank you for your excellent website. 
Please accept my humble awards.
~ Ashkelon Treasures ~

Outstanding Woman 2002


Thank you for your excellent website. 
Please accept my humble awards.
~ Ashkelon Treasures ~


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