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Labore & c.Praemium Award

Congratulations!  "Mothers of Addicts
UNITED," has been selected to receive our premier website award, 
"Labore & c.Praemium"!  
You have an outstanding website that meets our award criteria!  Quite frankly, no matter how often it happens, we are always a little amazed when a site actually meets our requirements.  Our requirements of "simplicity"
and "elegance" are harder to achieve than many might suppose.  While you are there
please look over our criteria and feel free to beam with pride!!
AS Rated 3.5


Ashkelon Excellence Award


Thank you for your excellent website. 
Please accept my humble awards.
~ Ashkelon Treasures ~

Crown Jewel Award


Thank you for your excellent website. 
Please accept my humble awards.
~ Ashkelon Treasures ~

The Standing Ovation Award


Congratulations!  Due to the excellent quality,
artistry, and valuable content of your website,
"Mothers of Addicts," you have been awarded THE STANDING OVATION AWARD!
AS Rated 3.5

Swan Dive Bronze Award


Hi Vicki, it was a pleasure visiting your site, thank you for your interest in the 
Swan Dive Awards.
AS Rated 3.0

4 Elements Award


We, the Elements, reviewed your site and this is what we found:  Truly touching stories. Your care for uniting mothers of addicts and addicts as well is shown crystal clear on your site. Your caring personality spills within the pages and we honor you for providing such great content for others to view. We know it's not a perfect world and it's always nice to see someone bring effort in helping a specific community unite and share their thoughts are well.
May, 2002
AS Rated 3.5

Web Design 2000 Award


Hi, Vicki Reece CONGRATULATIONS !!!!   I have visited your website Mothers of Addicts UNITED and found it to meet the criteria of my Awards Program.  Your site is very good, good design, clever original graphics and your content is well presented and easy to access.  You won the "Award of Merit" number 0075 with 95/100 .   A great work and a high contribution to the World Wide Web.   Congratulations once again and keep up your hard work.
AS Rated 3.5

Black Russian Terrier Award


Congratulations on winning my Black Russian Terrier Silver Award.  I have reviewed your site and I enjoyed my visit. I was very impressed by your webpage and the hard work you have put into your site.
AS Rated 3.5

Internet Excellence Award


I really love your web site. The design and
layout, and easy navigation around your
site are top notch!  It is a great way to pay tribute to your daughter.  Please accept my award for your site.
AS Rated 3.5


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