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Texas Precancel Gold Award

I am pleased to present you my gold award.  6/5/2002 Mothers of Addicts UNITED -
 Extensive content will be found on this
 subject.  The design is integrated and usable. I didn't see any problems to talk about. 
Score: Design:29/30,
Content:40/40 = 97%
June, 2002
AS Rated 3.5

Top Bee Award


Your site met our high standard for providing free and rich content that serves the general public. It is also well designed and easy to navigate. Please accept this award for a job well done!
Collin Lim - Beetown Communications
June, 2002

Golden Heart Award


Congratulations!!  I Just Came Back From Visiting Your Site, And I Feel Your site went a step beyond excellent, I found it to be exceptional and I hope you will accept my "Golden Cup Award".  I found your site to jump with leaps and bounds beyond the criteria and I truly enjoyed my visit to your lovely page.
June, 2002
AS Rated 3.5

This Site Floats Award


I have visited your site and have found it more than worthy to be the recipient of the All Volunteer Yacht Club "This Site Floats" Award!
We are very selective when it comes to giving our award. In fact less than half who apply are selected.  Your work on navigation and page layout are those of a quality site.  Congratulations! - Jim Kearney
All Volunteer Yacht Club
June, 2002
AS Rated 3.0

Papillon Bronze Award


Congratulations - We have looked at your website, "Mothers of Addicts United", and are happy to inform you that we have decided to award it the Papillon Graphics Bronze Award for Web Excellence. We were impressed by the
obvious personal commitment and enthusiasm which exudes from every page, and
thought it to be an excellent support resource for families of drug addicts - well written, intelligent, sympathetic and authoritative. It is
truly an excellent resource for the web.
June, 2002
AS Rated 3.5

Web Worksite Gold Award


We have visited and reviewed your site. 
Please accept the attached gold award to be proudly displayed on your site.
June, 2002
AS Rated 3.0

Webthrower Silver Award


You have won a " Silver Award".  Congratulations!!!  After viewing your site, I can see the hard work you put into it and you met all of my criteria to win the Silver award.  I am glad to give you the recognition that you deserve. I wish you much success in your endeavors.   Thanks for helping make the Web a more interesting place to visit. 
August, 2002

Nebulous Golden Award


It would be an honor if you would accept my new Golden Nebulous© Award for your hard work and dedication to your website. Your website has definitely not gone unnoticed!  You have truly done an amazing job and should be very proud of your work.
Tony Bucaro - Owner/Webmaster
The Nebulous Awards© Program
August, 2002
AS Rated 3.0

LD Royalty & Majesty Award
I think you have a wonderful website -- I am sending you a Celtic Castle award, "The Royalty and Majesty Award" for Design Excellence, which is the highest Celtic Castle award one can achieve, and one which cannot be applied for -- you deserve it, Vicki !! 
Lady Dorthea's Celtic Castle
August, 2002


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