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Critics Choice Gold Award


Congratulations to you! The staff at The Critics Choice Awards Program has evaluated your site and found it to be one of the better sites on the Internet.  It is our great pleasure to award your work with the CCA Gold award. Your site will be featured at our Winners section for the month of July 2002.  We will then link you to our permanent archives section.  You can be proud of the work you have done here.  We enjoyed our journey through your world.
JJ Oakley - Editor
July, 2002
AS Rated 4.5

Bronze Moonlight Award

Your site is nice, has a clear navigation and quality graphics. It contains a lot of good writings and poems and readers enjoy reading your materials.  Our esteemed panel reviewed your site and decided to award you with Bronze Info award as a sign of appreciation of your hard works and efforts you put on your site. Good luck with your site, SylvieP.
(Evaluation-Team MoonlightAward)
September, 2002
AS Rated 4.5

We Are The World Award

The "We are the World" Humanity Award 2002 will only be given out at my discretion to those people who embody all that is good and positive on the Internet -- people who (1) give back of themselves to the worldwide community, and (2) people who display tolerance, understanding and love for their Fellow Man .... I would like to humbly offer this award to you, and I would be honored if you would accept the very first Humanity awards offered from The Celtic Castle Awards program.  Many Blessings to you, and again, I thank you for all you have taught me!
Donna O'Smollain-MacDhadhoc 
Owner/Manager of:
The Rose Awards - AS! 3.5
The Celtic Castle Awards - AS! 3.0



Gerry's Choice Site Of The Year Award 2002

Congratulations!  I would like to present you with my choice for
the "Site of the Year 2002 Award".  When I awarded your site in March,it 
touched my heart so and has made such a lasting impression on me.
I hope 2002 was a good year for you,and hope 2003
will be even better.
God Bless you,












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