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Heart of Gold Award

Angel of Hope Award

 "I have just visited your site and would like to send you a gift. You show such inspiration. I know that if more people like "us" stand for our view and humanity, maybe the world will be a better place for all." - Kim ~ Bartling Angel

Millennium Gold Award


"You have such a wonderful, much needed site. I am honored to give you my awards, you deserve them so much. Keep up the great work you are doing. I hug you, I applaud you, I wish there were more like you." 
- Catt ~ The Catt Box

Lorene Excellence Award


"I'm very impressed by all the hard work you have put into your site. It's easy to navigate with excellent design." Lorene ~ Bienvenue chez Lorene

Serenity Award


"Congratulations ... you have been chosen to receive the Serenity Award for your beautiful site, but mostly for helping those in recovery and those affect by them also. Keep up the good work." 
Richard A. ~ Recovery with Richard

Crystal Dolphin Award


"Congratulations ... your website really appealed to me." 
Aloha from Hillary aka Hawaiian!



3 Moons Castle Keep Award


"Currently only approximately 25% of the sites that we review, win an award from 3 Moons. As one of the higher rated award programs on the net, we strive to award only the best of the best .. and your site has earned an award from our panel of judges. That is not an easy accomplishment! Congratulations!" 
Lauranna ~ Webmaster ~ 3 Moons Castle Keep

Ms. Harley's Award


"Your site is beautiful and through your strength and character, you are doing a great service to the web. I commend you for your heroic choice to share this with the world." - Ms. Harley

Artisan Studio Award


"Congrats! Your site has won the Artisan Award for Web Excellence! I think what you're doing is extremely worthwhile. Best of luck to you!" 
Christine ~ Artisan Studio



Soul to Soul Award


"Your site is one of the most beautiful and special sites that I have seen in a very long time. It is obvious that you have put all of your heart and soul into this cause. I congratulate you on the incredible work you have done."  Star Shine ~ Soul to Soul


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