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Sundsberget Award

"I have visited your site and it is outstanding ... a worthy enterprise and a positive contribution to the Web."  ~ Thomas Kilsberger ~

Advice Angel Award


"Your site is one that should be seen by many and I applaud you for your efforts, thus I am sending two awards for you, my Awareness of Abuse Award and Award of Tears."  Angela ~ Advice Angel

Kindness Award


"I am very pleased to send you my Kindness Award to be added to your wonderful website."  
Maureen Hall ~ Stop The Pain/Start The Humility

Page Excellence Award


"Congratulations ... 
you have a great site."  David ~ Dave's Freebies / Skull Haven

Majestic Site Award


"I've just visited your site. It's beautiful. Great job ... keep it up."
Laine ~ Shoot For The Moon

Sharkman's Award


I admire your strength, devotion and willpower, in facing this most fearful ordeal. You truly deserve the honour of a Phenomenal woman and I am honored to have come to know you!" 
Alex "The Sharkman ~ Malta * Europe

Mox's Award of Excellence


"I have just finished visiting your site. I can personally relate to your story. I know exactly what you are going through. I'd like to present you with my Award of Excellence Website Award."  ~ Mox ~

Wheels Across The Web Award


"I am very pleased to present you with this award. You have an excellent site."   ~ Leeya "Breezy" Lowe ~ Miami, Florida

Award of Excellence


"I have just visited your site and thought it was very moving. I appreciate your wisdom. I wish you all the best in life."   ~ Always .. Luna ~


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