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Hall Of Awards . . . . . 

Since starting these pages, I have met and become friends with ... some really great people along the web. I've met some that I've laughed with ... cried with ....had much in common with ..... and some .... who were nothing like me .... had never had a drug addict in their family .... but they had a compassionate heart that brought them to my site and into my life.

Some have given me awards from their sites .... some have given me their love and prayers.  I am grateful to each and every one. I get so excited everytime I open my mail and find an award ... it's like they're handing me a piece of gold. I don't take them lightly ..... I love every one!   My heartfelt thanks to each and every one of you!!

Take time to look at my awards, and visit their sites, I think you'll find something there that you'll love, just like I did!

I've listed the awards below. You can go to the page you wish, or just go through them one by one.  If you find an award that isn't linked, it's because the site who presented it to me is no longer in operation, or they have changed their URL without notification. 

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Awards Page 1
Tee's Award of Excellence
Mack's Heavenly Site Award
Critic's Choice Award
Women Webmaster's Award
Pinnacle Club Award
Phamous Philo's Spiritual Award
Phamous Philo's Gold
Wishing Well Award
Evil Kat's Prowler Award
Awards Page 2
Tiger's Award of Style
Diamond Award
Carol's Homepage Award
Digger's Howling Good Site
Lucid Studio Award
Judy's Award of Excellence
Personal Site Accomplishment
Millennium 2000 Award
Candle Creations Excellence
Awards Page 3
Pegasus Best of the Best
Romantic Site Award
Great Site Award
Webmaster With True Style
Lady's J's Touch Of Class
Tears Of Inspiration
Broken Heart Still Beats
Best Of The Web 2000
Angel Blessing Award
Karen's Site Excellence
Awards Page 4
Millennium Award
Family Site Award
Lexie's Loving Heart Award
Heartfelt Site Award
High Density Hawk Award
9 Star Award
Planet Gift Gold
Lou's Award of Love
All Around Outstanding
Awards Page 5
Heart of Gold Award
Angel of Hope Award
Millennium Gold Award
Lorene's Excellence Award
Serenity Award
Crystal Dolphin Award
3 Moons Castle Keep
Website Excellence
Artisan Studio
Soul to Soul Magical Award
Awards Page 6
Tiny Ray's Believe 2 Achieve
Outstanding Creations
Webworks Design
Aloha Award
Divinity in Action
Majon Select
Dragon Master's Design Award
Tristen's Women's Award
Silvana's Award of Excellence
Awards Page 7
Critical Mass
Exquisite Site Award
Diamond Web Award
Heavenly Site Award
Oklahoma Silver Award
Critics Award
Web Excellence Award
Healing Hurting Hearts
Silver Surfer Gold
Awards Page 8
Sundsberget's Golden Award
Advice Angel's Award
SP/SH Kindness Award
David's Award of Excellence
Majestic Site Award
Sharkman's Excellence Award
Mox's Excellence Award
Humanitarian Site Award
Rembrandt Award
Awards Page 9
Webmistress Award
Warm Embers Flaming Design
Guardian Angel Award
Ocean Award
Literary Excellence
Ray Of Sunshine Award
Claudia's Web Excellence
Beautiful Web Site Award
Rhonda's Choice Award
Awards Page 10
Otakou Creative Design Award
Touched My Heart Award
Dark Blue Knight Award
Flaming Heart Award
Beautiful Site Award
Crystal Award of Honor
Psychohelp Award
Purple Rose of Excellence
Poetry Award
Awards Page 11
Starfire Award
Awakening Award
Inspirational Site
Compassion & Love Award
Award of Excellence Award
Heavenly Site Award
Odonata Award
Gold Award of Excellence
Golden Web Award
Awards Page 12
Knight Of The Realm
Fire Escape's Outstanding Site
Superior Site Award
Graphical Excellence
Tasha's Web Excellence
Inspirational Award
Chaia's Caught My Eye Award
Broken Heart Survivor Award
Touched My Heart  Award
Awards Page 13
Snoopy's Award
Caudia's Light Award
Shangri-La Award
Loving Site Award
Danny's Award of Excellence
DaBee Inspiration & Hope
Golden Web 99
Carleigh's Award
Quiet Life Award
Awards Page 14
Universal Mandala
Beauty Award 2000
Great Product Award
Lady's J's Survivor Award
Outstanding Courage Award
Literary Soul Award
For The Love of Children
JoAnn's Excellence Award
Touch of Heaven Award
Awards Page 15
Season's of Change Award
Catt's Outstanding Site Award
Shining Star Award
Life Award
Truly Inspirational Award
Award of Tears
Harley's Design Award
Tristen's Loving Heart
Christian Website Award
Awards Page 16
Mental Health Award
Best Of The Best Award
Odonato Memorial Award
Helping Hands Award
Caring & Sharing Award
Visionary Award
Top Site 2000
Storm Keeper Excellence
Golden Odyssey's Beautiful Site
Awards Page 17
Award of Excellence
Inner Dream's Fabulous Site
Johnny Lightning Award
Beryle's Award
Outstanding Site Award
Team Creation's Great Site
Joyzine's Wonderful Site
Lynx 2000 Monthly
Lynx 2000
Awards Page 18
Once In A  Blue Moon
Dynamic Website
Berry Patch
Cross of Christ Award
Digital Diva's Bytes Award
Words Do Touch Award
MM Seekers Award
Quincy Web Award
Golden Web 2000-2001
Awards Page 19
Women's Desktop Award
Inspirational Site Award
Golden Home Page Award
Royal Excellence Award
Graceful Catshark Award
Sister's Choice Award
Creativity Award
Kat's Purrrfect Award
Golden Harp Award
Awards Page 20
Women's Site Award
Speaking Turtle's Award
Beryle's Award of Courage
Touch My Heart Award
Spirit of Mother Earth Award
Good Neighbor Award
Sharkman's 2001
Wolfwhisper Excellence
Elegant Site Award
Awards Page 21
Anna's Prince of Peace
Beautiful Website Award
Substance Abuse Awareness
Site Of The Month TOTW
Saba's Spirituality
Advice Angel's Award
Superior Site Award
Mr. Sand's Excellence Award
Diamond Catshark Award
Mystical Fantasy Award
Kilgore's Award of Excellence
A Woman's Touch Gold
Sheyzz Excellence
Awards Page 22
Platinum Award
Famous Ozz Award
Precious Site Award
Golden Brush Award
Art Pro Award
Mark Of The Queen Award
Conroz Stationery Award
Excellence Award
Valkyrie Award
Awards Page 23
Doug's World Award
Art Space 2000
Everstuff's Excellence
Wolfwhisper Guardian
Beautiful Site Award
Serenity Award
Maple Leaf Award
Windrider's Outstanding Beauty
Crystal Loyalty
Awards Page 24
Canada Graphics Gold
Tut Gold
Windrider's Exceptional Site
Bonnie's Excellence Award
Inspirational Site Award
Positive Steps of Excellence
Creative Design & Beauty
Evil Tool's Outstanding Design
Evil Tool's Excellence
Digital Delilah's Realm Award

Awards Page 25
G.N.A.E. Award
42nd Street
Wolf Whisper Enchanced Award
Touched My Heart Award
Coat Of Many Colors Award
Heart & Soul Award
Gadzillion Award
Ashkelon Treasures Excellence


Awards Page 26
El Capitan Gold Award
EZTips.Com Silver Award
Colleen's Corner Silver Award
Outstanding Women Of The Web
Gold Deco Award
Private Eye Excellence Award
Lone Star Site Design Bronze
Ashkelon Gold
Outstanding Woman 2002

Awards Page 27
Labore & c.Praemium Award
Ashkelon Crown Jewel Award
Delilah's Award of Excellence
Standing Ovation Award
Swan Dive Bronze Award
4 Elements Content Award
Web Design 2000 Award
Black Russian Terrier Award
Internet Excellence Award


Awards Page 28
Texas Precancel Gold Award
Top Bee Award
Golden Heart Award
A.V.Y.C. This Site Floats Award
Papillon Bronze Award
Web Worksite Gold Award
Websthrower Silver
Nebulous Gold Award
Royal & Majesty Award

Awards Page 29
Critics Choice Gold Award
Moonlight Award
Celtic Castle Humanity Award



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