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Addicts/Alcoholics With Comments From Self or Loved Ones

Joe ~ Alcoholic/Addict/
Bi-Polar In Recovery!

Mailen ~ Addict/Alcoholic
Wishing You Recovery
May God Bless You With Strength

Ashley ~ Teenager in Trouble
Casey ~ Teenager in Trouble Josh ~ God Watch Over You

Joe ~ Recovering Alcoholic/Addict
10 Years + ... Praise God!

Sonny ~ Addict ~ Alcoholic
Bi-Polar Disorder

Carol ~ Addict
Started drugs at 13 ~ She's now 41

Katrina and Her Baby Boy

Kay ~Recovering Alcoholic/Addict
(22+ Years)

Tania, Brenda and LaRay (Sisters) ~ 
All Addicts

Jewel ~ I Am An Addict
"Maybe One Day All Addicts 
Will Be Spiritually Free"

Linda ~ Former Addict
Saved by the Grace of God

Cris ~ Addict/Alcoholic for 14 Years

Shannon, Tim & Cassandra

My Precious Daughter, Erica
May God Watch Over Her

Aaron ~ Addict
Because I love him so much and
hope that he gets the help he needs.

Kevin ~ Chris ~ Rick
Addicts of Pornography

Jamie ~
Precious Daughter 
& Suffering Addict

Chuck ~ Recovering Addict
16 Years Clean & Sober

Michael, Who is in a Lot of Trouble
and Needs Lots of Prayers

JoAnn ~ Victim of HIV

Debbie ~ AIDS Infected
Heroin Addict

Izzy ~ Recovering Addict
My son Michael, who is addicted to alcohol and 
crack cocaine. One has found peace, 
the other is still in hell.
Kevin "Beloved Son" ~ Addict
Carrie who is 23 and does crack.
I pray everyday for her to be strong enough to want to live and not die by her own hands. I am her grandmother. I will pray for all of the ones that are hurting and their families.
JoAnne ~ Beautiful Sister

Donnie ~ Addict  -
My 16 year old son who is an addict and currently living away from home. Not sure where or with whom. He chooses not to be in contact with us at this time.

"For As Long As It Takes"

Ben ~ Addict/Alcoholic
David Lee ~ Addict/Alcoholic Shane Boone ~ Drug Abuser
Danny, who is loved by his family as well as mine, my ex boyfriend who is still a very close friend to me....i wish him the best of luck..when he come's back home i can't wait to see him!  John Michael ~ Addict of Crack Cocaine
Me, the mommy. 
I'm the addict!  My little boy, Luke is becoming co-dependant.  My parents wish I was gone and my son knows this!  I'm trying all the time!  I have Jesus, meds, and my determination, and my son, and still I use ....  not to often, but still do. Thanks for letting me vent. I LOVE your site!   Signed, Kellee, Addict that see's some light.
~ Patrick ~
Husband and Loving Father addicted to crack cocaine.  May God Bless You and keep you when you are in our presence, and even when you are not. 
My Daughter,  Rhonda, 31 years old and has been an addict since age 8.  She just can't seem to stay clean.  My story would fill pages.  It's a nightmare that you hope and pray will finally end.  If not for the grace of God, I could not endure it.
~ Duane ~
My beautiful son, addicted to heroin and speed.  He's 34 years old and he's going to die without ever having really lived.  I used to have hope, but now I just pray to God for a miracle. 
My Son, Bill
"You and me against the world"

My daughter, Desiree Losiewicz,
who is a crack addict in jail in Georgia at this time awaiting trial for car theft.
My husband, Daniel and 
my brother, Daniel

My nephew, Mike, who is caught in the claws of heroin addiction. John, My beloved son,
a teenager in trouble.

~ Eddie ~
My brother.  He has been an addict for a long time now and because of  it he may lose his freedom for a long time.  He is not a bad person, just lost his way at a young age.  He has done nothing really bad except getting caught with drugs, but that is all it takes.  I love him very much and have tried all I know to be there for him, but this time, there is nothing I can do except pray that maybe this is God's way of keeping him off the drugs before he kills himself. 
~ Kristen & Facio ~
After years of heroin addiction, we are both on the road to recovery and are learning to enjoy life and each other today while drug free.
~ Marc S. ~
My son who is an addict.  He is in prison now and will be home in October.  Please pray for his recovery.  Me and his 8 year old daughter miss and love him dearly.  Thank you and God Bless to all.
Debby & Ashlee

~ Bradley S. ~
I have already lit a candle for him.  He will be home October 2, with a wonderful attitude after serving 21 months in prison.  So please, keep the candle burning and all of the prayers going for his recovery.  Thank you and God Bless all.  I pray for each and everyones recovery and heart break it has caused all of us.

Laurel ~ Cocaine Addict

~ Keith ~
My son, Keith.  He has been drug free for 3 years and just recently relapsed.  Please pray for him.  He .. like all addicts need all the prayers and support we can offer them.
~ Chuck ~
Active crack addict.  His son needs his father.  Please pray daily that the Lord saves him from this horrible disease.

~ Leigh ~
My beautiful gentle son. Heroin addict. May God please watch over him.

~ Christopher ~
... who still suffers, and is valiantly fighting to recover from his recent relapse.
~ Michael ~
My Beloved Son
~ Steve M.R. ~
This has to be the hardest thing I've ever done ... but I can no longer walk behind you on that road that you choose to keep taking.  I will always care for you deeply and hope one day you understand the reasons.  I hope you find your inner strength to keep off of drugs, and always know that Steven loves you.

~ William Robert ~
I would like to light a candle for our son who is into drugs and alcohol and presently is in jail due to these,  although he denies he has any problem.  His girlfriend has a black eye from his last escapade.  He is still in jail because he has worn out all his friends and no one wants to help him, including us.  We feel he is where he needs to be at this time although we love him with all our hearts.  He will have to go through this alone and hopefully he will realize that Jesus is there for him when he is ready.

Desiree ~ Crack Addict
She is in jail right now and has a lot of other legal problems to overcome.  But, the most important problem she HAS to triumph over is her addictions.  Please pray for her.

~ Jeff ~
He has been struggling with his addiction since a very, very young age.  I have watched him sincerely attempt recovery and fail a number of times.  He is such a beautiful person and he is so filled with despair and self-loathing.  I also lost a sister at age 25 to addiction, and not a day of my life goes by that I do not grieve her.  Hers was a very violent death.
~ Scott~
My much loved son, fighting crack addiction.
~ Tom Lonron ~
I am praying day and night for you. I love you and I know that this addiction is bigger than you. You are gone right now and I don't know where you are. We are planning some tremendous things in our lives and the devil wants to hold us back. Please Jesus, please help Tom through this. He is such a good man, and will be an inspiration to others when he can beat this. Please help us God.
~ Corinne ~
A very special young woman who is an addict

~ Stephen ~
My 26 year old son, fighting addiction to marjuana for the past 11 years. May God deliver you soon from the depression and the hopelessness you so often feel.

~  Danny  ~
 My son an addict.  I would hope this candle burns forever for Danny since he is in recovery for 9 months now and is only 16 years old. I love him so much and I want a new and clean life for him.

~  Gina  ~
I'm 34 years old and have done hard core drugs from the age of eight at the hands of my father.   I don't blame him, he just didn't know how to be a father and thought it would be easier to treat me like a friend.   I continued my use until seven months ago when i hit rock bottom.  I was shooting meth and I looked down at my arms and cried because I was a junkie.   I couldn't go and see any family because of the shame.   Now I'm clean and I feel great.   Life is giving me one more chance and I'm taking it.  God bless you and your strength.  Thank you for this site.
~  Joey  ~
 Methamphetamine addict in jail.
~  Vicky  ~
Precious Daughter
Please find your way home.
~  Mike  ~
My brother Mike whom I love so much. We've battled the same disease for so many years but he seems to have given up. It breaks my heart to know that he is caught in the grips of the dreadful evil disease of addiction. God please help him. 
My beloved daughter. She is addicted to alcohol and cocaine.  May guardian angels light her path, and keep watch over her
by day and by night.
~ Mike and Rene'~ 
Married, so called "recreational drug users" for over 25 years. Now they are caught in the downward spiral of destroying their brains, their bodies and lives with methamphetamine. Meth or life? They must make that choice now.  I lift them up to God, call on mighty angels to protect them and to open the doors of their minds to the light of reason. I love them so much. Mom
Melissa ~ Addict
My heart aches, my tears fall for you my only daughter. Still struggling with pills. When will you find peace once and for all? I love you. Mom
~ Alfonso ~ 
My beautiful son. Today he is 20 years old.  I'd give my life for his life. 
My Son, whose care I have recently handed over to the Lord.  I can no longer be an enabler. 

~ Becky-Mother ~
~ Crissi- Daughter/Addict ~
Becky is a wonderful person who is carrying this so very hard burden, please pray for her to stay strong, and please pray for her daughters recovery. We met and have become wonderful friends from this wonderful web-site. I thank God for this web-site and God sent me such a wonderful friend.   My son was released from prison 10//01 and he is doing good and I thank God for this and please continue to pray for us also God Bless the ones who are in recovery and the ones who still suffer....Prayer and handing my sons life in Gods hands helped us both so much...I still pray for us each day and Thank God he helped me to stay strong and has seemed to have healed my sons addiction..but things could change but I keep the faith
Thank you all!
Debby from Georgia
~ Alex ~
My beautiful 18 year old son, an addict for the last 5 yrs, in and out of rehab. & juvenile detention, now in adult jail. I will never give up hope or my love for him, but I have to stop enabling him NOW, legally it is no longer required & it is not helping him although to bail him out would ease my pain. Please pray for us. 
Thank You. Carolyn
~ For Jewel ~
 .  although I personally do not know the demons that torment the addicts mind and body, I do love the inner Jewel with all my heart.  Each day is a struggle for her sobriety and she feels as if she is so weak.  I cannot think of a stronger person who could resist such powerful temptations.

My husband, David.  I love you. 

~ Kelly ~ 
My beautiful little girl who is a heroin addict.
Mike, my much loved husband ... addicted to alcohol.
My 31 year old son, Matthew. He has been battling a drug addiction to prescription drugs for 5+ years and is currently in a 3 year drug treatment program ordered by the court. If he fails he will be sent to 20 years in prison for committing 4 felonies (forging/stealing prescriptions). He has been in and out of jail and detox. This is his last chance. So far it's been 6 months. He is handsome and bright. I will never understand why? A special friend, Michael.  My son, Jaimie who is only 18 and is currently in drug rehab. He is addicted to meth.

Jaimies, brother who loves him and whose life has been greatly affected by his addiction.
Jordon Anthony who is just 2 months old and is the innocent victim in this mess called addiction. Please pray for him to have a normal childhood. My sister, she has been on and off prescription pains killers, valiums, etc. for years.  I lived with her for a long time, didn't know if she would be dead in the morning or not.  When she wasn't,  I tried to put it behind me till the next day. I'm married now and she was okay for a long time. She just called me tonight, drugged up. I don't know what to do.
My sweet son Scott - 
Age 19 - I love you always, Mom
~ Kim ~
 Because honey, we have done everything together for my whole life, and now you're slipping away. Please try because I got clean so I could live and it has been hard, so damm hard, but it was worth it.
For Billie from Mother 

Dana Bruce, my son. I am his mother. Clean 9 days now. His first detox was March 2002, relapsed after 2 months clean. This time was heroin. Please pray for him to stay clean. His addiction has been just 2 long years. I read on this website, lost souls who have been addicted for many, many years. I can only pray that we have caught him in time. He has a beautiful wife and much support from his family. He has hurt us all so badly.

Michael, a God's child. David Randall, my beloved cousin/brother who is a 54 year old addict that has not found his way due to enabling. His mother just passed away and now our family is trying to let him go into Gods hands. He has only one option for us to help him and that is to take him to a rehab when he is ready. We love him so and it hurts so very much to do this.
~ Cheri, Addict ~
Matt, son; Linda, mother; 
Lisa, sister; Kevin, brother

My Precious, only child, Jessica Marie, who is addicted to drugs and whom I love more than anyone or anything in the world. I pray for her recovery and a return to the lovely girl she once was, with the sparkle in her eyes and the little girl giggle in her laugh. She was once a beautiful human being. I only wish that some miracle would happen to return her to her family, who misses her everyday. Amen

My son who died today 
September 11, 1998.

Randy, I love you and need you to get help and be who you used to be.

Greg Ahern, my brother, 21 years of age and has lost most of his short life to drugs. When will this end?? Marcos B.( a recent/new) 
recovering drug addict.

My son, Marc, he is an addict.  Has been to prison for 20 months....out 8 months and back again.  I truly thought he had hit his rock bottom....we are all heart broken but he is most of all....still leaving this in Gods lap and with him watching over us it will be fine.....please pray for our family....
God Bless.

Chuckie Beyer, With all my love I light this candle,and pray God will daily give you the strength to say no to drugs......... Much Love & Prayers Aunt Jeanie My beautiful 23 year old son, Matt. He is fighting the alcohol demon very bravely. He is depressed and down on himself! He deserves so much more in life than he is settling for!
~ Bodi ~
Who has lost his way in life. I pray to God everyday to let you see the light and help you with your recovery. I will never give up hope on you and I love you. 
My nephew, Chuckie. Every day I pray that by God's grace and strength you will make it through another day with out drugs.
My fiance, Marcel, has just entered re-hab last night.  He is a fighter and I know he will do it! He is an alcoholic, 35 years old.  He is a good person.  It is the booze that started to destroy him. Thank-you

~ Boyd M. ~
Though separated, he's still in my heart and prayers.

Edward ~
Our beautiful son has an alcohol and cocaine problem. It is destroying him and us. We are trying to find the right help to get him back. God help us and all parents in this nightmare! 
~ Loz ~
My brother who is an addict with drugs and has been for 7yrs, on and off them like anyone else, but he is now in prison looking at 3yrs, but i still love him so much xxxx

My daughter Lisa, who is 18 years old and in a recovery program for the last 13 months. She still has another year to go, and it's hard, it's hard for her and it's hard for us. She went into this program at 17, it is a high school program and AA recovery program (boarding school). We feel blessed to have found such a place for her.

My children. Mike and Ginny, ages 23 and 21, both heroin addicts. My heart has been broken over and over...hoping and praying. I know this is something I can't "fix". Heroin is from the Devil himself. Ricky, a recovering crack addict, and still using marijuana.  For his girlfriend Valerie who never knows what to believe, and their son Dylan. Let us pray 

My husband ... I don't know how to help him.  

Alana and Scott...May they find the courage to end their heroin addiction and find peace in living.
For the depression and pain that living with an addict did to me. I cry a lot now. He stole my car ... my soul. I am having a hard time forgiving him.  I hurt.  My name is Lynn.      I need prayers now.

For my beautiful son, Derrick, who is in jail fighting a demon called "METH".
 I Love you! .... Mom

(((((Jason)))) Crack Addict
I love you so. May you someday find your way out of this miserable suffering to know some joy and happiness that life has waiting patiently for you. I pray you will recover to be there for your precious litte girl. She loves you so much. 
Love, Mom and Reagan

Stephanie, my baby for life, almost 27, but dying before my eyes from evil crank that affects so many people. I know we are not alone in this struggle, best wishes to all.
My beloved, Randy, who is currently in jail while I am home alone with our 3-month old son. We both are addicts and seem to be unable to change. Please say a prayer that we can change for our son's sake.
My firstborn son, Ryan, heroin addict,
in a six month recovery program
after five unsuccessful 14-21 day rehab and detox.  Have courage stay strong
fight the demons.  I want you back!

My son, whose problems at present are ruining all our lives.
My son Todd who is struggling with 
Crack Addiction.

Kevin, my oldest son. Of whom I am very proud of now.He was the one who decided to change his life from being an addict.He has been clean for 60 plus days and I hope and pray that these days will multiply many times over.There was A point in time that I gave him and his addiction to God. Now God has kept him in his heart but also given me back my son. PLEASE
pray that he survive this ordeal.

My husband, Dwayne,
 who is a crack addict.
Danielle my 23 year old daughter 
who is a drug addict.  Each day is getting more serious.  Has been an active addict for over six years.

My sister Cathy who's been clean and sober for approximatley 6 years now.  I pray and hope that she stays clean and sober every day until her last.  I am also an alcoholic.  Cathy showed me the way to sobriety by joining AA and being a role model for recovery.  Thank you Cathy and God Bless you.

Brian, the father to my 2 beautiful babies, addicted to crack.  Please God, help him find his way home to his family.
Ryan B., an addict for several years; clean now for 55 days.  Please have the strength to go on Ryan.  We are all praying for you. MY PRECIOUS DAUGHTER, JESSICA ANN, 17 YRS YOUNG, IN REHAB FOR HEROIN, MAY GOD HELP YOU FIND THE STRENGTH TO STAY CLEAN. My son Tom who is a 19 yr. old heroin addict.  I pray every day for his recovery.

Taylor Oswald our son, who is 16 and 1/2 and in a drug rehab progam currently. He has become addicted to crack. What a painful road we have all taken. Your sight is so helpful. This is his first rehab visit & the unknown is painful. I pray to GOD he will heal him the first time around & that is all we can do. Thank you for your website, it is good to know we aren't alone.

~ Stacey A. ~
He is my husband and he is 
addicted to crack cocaine.

My 17 yr old niece Ann-Marie currently in rehab for heroin addiction and my boyfriend Rob who I just found out is a crack addict- I pray God will intervene in their lives and give them the strength to overcome their addictions and lead healthy lives for themselves and all of us who love them very much.  xoxo In the name of Jesus, in whom all things are possible. Amen  

For my boyfriend, Joe, who's a drug addict and I really need God's help because I love him so much and I don't want to lose him.

Curtis, a recovering addict. 
You have a good heart and see there is happiness in life. Addiction, I feel, will always be a struggle, the thoughts there even though you don't want them...keep fighting, one day at a time, one hour at a time, one minute at a time, do what it takes.  There are those who care.

My daughter Catherine who is an addict.  She knows that God is the only deliverance from her pain.  I pray she will seek Him out.

Kevin - my middle child - 
who is addicted to crack.

Alex, my son, 
in prison, an addict, please God help him, and help me to cope with the long road ahead.

My "Silly Duck" Jason...
I love him and all I want is for him 
to get better.
Jerry - my soulmate who has
a drinking problem

I see you walking the streets of Asheboro,NC and it breaks my heart. Surely there must be someone out there that wonders where you are.  You're somebody's daughter, sister, mother. It is so obvious that the drug that you are chasing has caught you. I ask God to watch over you and to make room for you in heaven. One day precious girl, you will have rest. God Bless You.

Robyn (Me)
 By the grace of God, I'll be clean and sober for 8 years in August.  Sometimes it's still so hard.  Thank you.

My alcoholic brother. My father died this month and the alcoholism has escalated and I am fearful for his life and the lives of those around him.

Lord, please help my husband to realize the truth about what he is doing to himself and others and bind satan so that he will release my husbnad's mind and body from this addiction.

Dave .... I will love you through eternity,,Always remember..Hand over heart,,every breath,,always by your 
side  ..... 831

For Aubrey,
I know the statistics for recovery are grim, but I believe that "My God is greater than any problem anyone has".  I pray daily for you and others who are struggling to overcome their addiction.  There is power in prayer & I have seen miracles.   I know addiction is of the devil, but Jesus has won the victory &I believe He can heal you and all those who cry out to him.  Aubrey I love you and I believe in you.  I know you can do it!!

Matthew...my handsome 23 year old son.  He is meek and mild, a humble soul with a heart of gold.  He is also an addict in recovery. He struggles every day. Please pray that the lord watch over him and let him realize he is a beautiful person with so much to offer the world. God bless all mothers and their addict children!
Brant J.D. (I would greatly appreciate a candle lite for my fiancee, who is a loving man along with loving partner, but most of all a loving father who needs to reach GOD and well I feel right now I'm his only help in getting there. I wish I could submit my story so you could better understand where I am coming from, but I'm trying myself to put all of this in GODS hands! I just so happened to reach this web site and well if this is not GOD talking then I don't know what it is. I thought of not telling why I have asked for this candle but I feel I need to. My once healthy, full of life fiancee is additicted to the most horrible drug their is, CRACK! We are now apart because of this horrible thing they call crack, I want nothing more than to be with him, because spending these days apart are killing me inside but I know to that when we are back together ( with GODS hands) we will be to eachoher what we promised to be in the beginning. I could probably write all night about how much this is tearing our lives apart but the faster the candle can be lite the faster I can hold the man I've waited for my entire life!Please pray for my dear Brant and for our family we so much want to be.  IN TEARS, MISSY

My beautiful daughter, Tiffany 23 years young. She is my heart.May her angels and guides surround her,protect her and heal her. Walk into the light sweet child and find your way back to life and love.

Michael David my loving son who is so sweet clean, but through his addiction he and I don't know who he is.  God keeps watching over my son for he has a plan for him.  Bless you Michael Rachael,
The mother of my beautiful grandaughter!  I want you to get better soon.  Please try hard to come back to your daughter, she needs you so much.

My beautiful,precious friend. She's helped me see into my husbands alcoholism and reflect on the miracle of me being six and a half years clean. I pray for God to deliver her from her addiction but more so to deliver her from herself. A three year prison sentence is her alternative and I pray she stops looking at what she has to lose and focuses on all she has to gain. One day at a time isn't a long enough goal, it has to be "this is the first day of the rest of my life sober".One day at a time leaves on option for using tomorrow and that kind of option is dadly to an addict.

My son Mark,
He is 21 years old and has just relapsed again. I don't know how long I can watch this disease slowing take his life. Please pray for him, I am so afraid. This time I'm even mad at him, and I have never been mad at him. He knows I'm mad at him and this scares me more. I'm afraid he will do something because he thinks i have given up on him. Please pray for us.

For Myself .... I am an active addict for the last 20 years. I can feel that my body does not recover as it used to. God has been kind to me ... it's just not easy being too involved and plugged in to this world that lives through so much pain and suffering ... somehow, a mind altering substance shuts it all off ... I can no longer feel your pain ... not to mention mine.   Drugs (its high) provides me a sense of welcomed isolation ... it disconnects me from all the imperfections and subhuman qualities people tend to practice with every breath.  Under the influence, the gnawing, needy voices stop .... it's easier to chase drugs than change the world ....

As an addict I yearn to be free from the constant reminder of society on how I should behave ... what I should or should not do ... The only way to help an addict is to let them be ... let them suffer the consequences of their actions without being condescending or militant about it. And yes   ... love them ... I mean truly love them without bounds ... as this disease knows no limits either.

My husband who is nether here nor there and my brother which we are all seeing them lose and can not help them. its really hard i dont know how to get myself and i am not the one with the problem but they do not understand that it effects everyone .it hurts so bad not to be able to help. i sometimes just want to let my husband go but he will not go . i am sorry please god help us it is sooo sad give these addicts strength to come out of the dark please hear our prayers.  
Thank you

Chris ~ Addict
          Today you left our home searching for love the love of drugs. May god watch over you,  and keep you safe.

My Husband Bill, I pray each and every day that you will see the light of your angels guiding you into recovery from crack cocaine. For the many long 11 years that we have endured the suffering of addiction together. I pray that we will live through this and see the hope and love all around us in our kids eyes. I pray that all our hopes and dreams for our family come true and addiction does not have to rip our hearts out anymore. It was enough that our sister sacraficed her life to dope. I pray that we don't do the same.

Casey, my son "the great enabler" 
that is in love with a crack addict.
Jessica, age 20, Knoxville, TN -Entered detox on January 4th and full in patient treatment today on January 8th.

Roanne, age 19.  Though selfish it may seem, i want to light the light for me. I am not as religious as i used to be, I prayed for God to help me. Now as I try to recover though and its very hard, the temptations raw, I hope the Lord can guide me through and help me once more. I realise now my head is clearer that he has been there for me, else I would be dead now or not have what I have. Please help me to remain strong, and I will pay you back I promise some how.

CORINNA (addict) 
but especially for the baby she just had
which was born addicted to methamphetamines
Danny my son who is 33 years old and 
an addict.  He current is serving a 5 year sentence in a West Virginia prison.  
He suffers from severe depression.  
Now he is in solitude for using drugs in prison.  He faces more time when he has done this 5 years.  I light a candle for him and pray that he will overcome his addictions and depression and have a health productive life.

Nicci...I love you and pray for you. May God protect you.
Love Mom

My son Michael. Right now he is serving a 5 year sentence but is in it's last phase and is in a halfway house. He is a crack addict and also addicted to this girl who is a heroin addict. She got pregnant and told my son it was his child. When the little angel was born I was there and so was DYFUS. I battled them for custody because this was my grand son who was born addicted to heroin, crack and methadone. i spend day nd night for one month of his life at his side in the hospital. God heard me and gave me custody. But then the bomb hit, paternity tests were take and it was proven that little Alexander was not my sons child. I had the most difficult decision to make. I could keeep fostering this child or place him some place else. By this time I had bonded with hime. He lived wit me for about 1 month after he was discharged from the hospital. I chose to place him becasue I thought for sure my son would never want to see this girl again after what she put him and our family thru ough. WRONG! I find out he still loves her and they have been in contact. I am trying to let go and let God, but it is hard. I can see a fall coming because I know he wants a life with this girl when he comes home.I know that 2 addicts can't make it. And if one falls so will the other. So I litght this candle for him. Maybe he will see the light.

Kel-my dear son.  I pray for you.  I love you so much and know this is so hard for you.  Love, Mom

My son Phill, Alcohol and drug addict, I haven't seen him in 7 years.  Dear Jesus, please take him back, I love him but you love him more.  You came back from the dead, please bring my son back too.

Jessica my 16 yr old daughter. I have been told that I am lucky (as well as she) that she is still alive for all the drugs she has used and how she used them. She is in recovery now, and am hoping she can stay strong.

My daughter Kate.  I pray this candle will help to lead you out of the darkness.  I miss you so much.

My beloved and brilliant son, Josh, who is also an alcoholic. My denial is finally at an end after 5 years, and I pray he recognizes his need for help before his addiction kills him or lands him in prison. Josh I'd give my life if I thought it would make you well again. I love you. Mom



FWANKIE,Love of my life & Exboyfriend.
I can only hope and pray that one day you will find the strength to leave behind an active addictive lifestyle. You've been there before and know how beautiful life can be. Until then, I keep you in GOD'S hands. I hope, my love, that you have the strength to be down the path that once brought you happiness. God Bless you and keep you safe, thats all I can pray for.   I Luv U ! and I am here for you always.  

My son Joey who is In a drug rehab right now due to use of illegal and perscription drugs,. The pain is unbearable  but i know his is much more.I pray everynight that Jesus watches over him and protects him. My son i couldnt sit back and watch what you were doing to yourself and us. It was killing me inside and i couldnt sit back and let you kill yourself. i love you so much as a mom my job is to love and protect you and to keep you safe and you werent safe on the streets, you will see when you come to terms with yourself and souls search, im doing alot of soul searching myself . sometimes i feel so all alone but i talk with jesus   everynight andi know all will work out, Jesus loves you and so do we.

Josh, my beloved son, addicted to heroin and cocaine. Please pray for an end to his denial and for embracing a road to recovery.

My Daughter who is a recovering addict but like we all know, its never over for them. She is 9 months clean and is trying very hard. Keep her in your prayers.
Kip, My son. 44yrs. old crack addict

Nicholas Michael, my son, 20 years old
From pot and alcohol to crack and now the vicious demon of meth.  Somewhere inside is a small bit of the boy we all loved, but you've become the walking dead.  You hate us for turning our backs to you to save what is left of our family.  I grieve for you and pray everyday that you will be restored, but will no longer enable you.   I release you into God's hands.

For Joshua, let the mantle of the Christ fall around him and wrap him in peace.  Please, Father, bring him comfort and healing.
I pray that you know how much I love you, and how precious you are to this world. I feel as though I've made things worse for you. That tough love stuff really hurts.. me too. I don't want you to think I do not care. I don't know what to do to help, I am here if you ever want my help. My friendship and my love will be here for you forever. Please know that you are in my prayers, I pray that you will have the strenght to care about yourself again. I love you, Cindy

He is my cocaine addicted husband, and I pray he will find himself and his strength he needs to fight and escape the addiction.

John,crack addict, loving friend and ex-husband.  May he be touched by the grace of God, in whom all things are possible.

My daughter Jessica.  Missing for 45 days now.  You are in my heart and prayers.  I do hope you are safe and will one day find your way.  Drugs have almost taken all of you away but I do know in my heart that the Jessica I once knew is still in there somewhere. Be safe, Love Mom   xo xo xo


Love you. You will never be forgotten.
My wonderful daughter Danielle...Her brother is an addict. She has been an outstanding daughter throughout our long long long battle with Jordan's addiction

My daughter Monique,
So beautiful, when she graduated from high school. Now its been 9 years, she had her life so together.  What happened.....
Meth happned, sad, my heart aches when i see her, Detoxed her, at home about 3 monthes ago... she was clean...
last week she started using again,
My heart breaks with the pain of someone so pretty ,
waste a precious life.....

You are my son and I will always love you. I must now turn you over to GOD because Methamphetamilnes prevent you from hearing my cries. I will now hand you over and let the HOLY SPIRIT reach you. I LOVE YOU.

Dan, my dear son....I pray for your healing...physical, emotional and spiritual.  Pain, drugs, disease have taken its toll.  Please gain the courage, the strength and the faith to make wise decisions and return to the loving young man I once knew.   I cannot bear to watch you suffer any more.  I beg God and whomever is compassionate enough to pray for us to please help us through this painful journey.
With all my love, Jean

My Husband...he is so lost right now, feeling great pain and guilt, as we are here waiting and worried. I pray he will see the light.

My son Johnathan, who is an addict and bi-polar and suffering/struggling terribly to understand his place in this life. Please help me pray for his recovery and acceptance of his higher power.

I am lighting this candle for my girl Amber who I pray every day for. 
We love you Amber

Justin, our oldest son, 24 years old.  Addicted to alcohol, heroin, pain killers and other drugs. He has battled this disease for 8 long years and it is not over yet.  We love him so much and pray that God will help him recover from this awful disease that is taking not only his life, but the lives of his family as well.   We all grieve for him and would do anything to take this away from him.  We want our son restored to his former happy life.  Please, God, hear our prayers and the prayers of all parents who are struggling with the daily pain of knowing that their children are in the depths of addictions.   We know there is nothing we can do, but you can.  Please hear our prayers and surround these your children with your warm and comforting embrace.  Heal their hurts and help them to fight the battles ahead of them.   Please bring angels into their lives to lead them back to the truth.

Mitch, the love of my life. 
Please find your way back to me. Please God help him get off of Heroin. 
I love you.

Todd addict,husband,father and son.
I miss you baby

Don B.  He is a sweet man, has been recently released from jail, recovering alcoholic and a new friend to me.  Please pray for him to receive guidance from the Holy Spirit and strength along the way to his new life.
Thank you.

To My 20 yr old son ERIC.  Where are you? Where is the Eric that laughed, and had a smile so big it was hard not to smile back, the Eric that hugged so hard so they would last, where are you? The meth has robbed us of you, and I miss you terribly. You are living on the streets, using and killing a part of yourself daily. I will always love you, I miss you so much and pray that you find the Lord to give you the strength you need to beat this. My dear sweet son, where are you?  Love Mom

Your son loves you and needs you please put that spoon down.  Ii told you you couldn't handle it, the only person suffering is Riley, you are the only one smiling. He is not.


Brandon,  addict for 5 yrs 
I love you son.  Please get well

Justin.  Our first born son who has been an alcoholic and addict for 8 years.  He has been to so many treatment facilities and in and out of jail and nothing has helped.  We love him so much and pray for God to strengthen him in his daily battle with this disease.   Nothing we do helps him.  I want to do the right thing.  He is in trouble again after being sober for 2 months - the longest time ever.  He has lost his job now and things are not looking good. He is so depressed. Please pray for our son as we pray for all who are imprisoned with this disease of addiction.

Matt~  My sweet son, aged 22, is caught in the grip of drugs, alcohol, seizures, deep depression, and anger/hate towards God.  Please pray that the right people will cross his path, that he turns back to the Lord, and that God softens his heart and heals him.   I am so scared: I see him slipping away more each day and slowly dying.  God, be near and heal our addicted loved ones and us, the ones who aren't numbed by drugs but feel acutely the anguish of this nightmare.

Jeremy B ~ a very special person to me,struggling with being a recovering alcoholic,moved away&im worried about him.i will always care jer,you are always in my heart 4ever.Angie O

my husband who is still a heroin addict after all our efforts. we will never give up

Josh, the love of my life! I believe we could've made it through the addiction together. I made it and pray daily that you will find the strength to do it too. So maybe we can be together again!!
Adam-adicted to heroin at age 17--has hepatitis C

Tony, my son who is an addict. God plese stay with him.


Ralph, father of my sons. please get better. you cant do it alone. cry out for help and he will help you.




Addicts and/or Alcoholics Deceased Due to Alcohol or Drugs

Parents, Children or Loved Ones Affected By The Addict/Alcoholic


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