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Every effort has been made to give proper credit to anyone who has contributed anything to this site.  

All of the photography used in making the graphics is my own and the actual page graphics were made by Scarlett's Web.  More information on this in the section entitled "About My Graphics."

All of the poetry on this site was written by me, my daughter, or several different friends.  The name of the person who wrote each poem is listed with the writing.

For all of the letters submitted for printing on the following pages:  Other Mother's Tears and Voice Of The Addict, I have written letters from each person who wrote and asked me to print their letter, giving me their permission to print.  These letters are kept in a file in my office.  

I received permission from my pastor, Don White of Providence Wesleyan Church, High Point, NC, to use his notes in the section entitled "A Healing Response To Tragedy."

In the Special Grief Section, some of the information was obtained during my actual grief counseling sessions with Hospice Of The Piedmont.  They granted me permission to use the information as I remembered it.

All award graphics won are the sole property of the individual owners of the award programs who presented them to me.  

All banners shown on my banner exchange page are the sole property of the individual owners of the websites who asked me to post them.  

The award graphics used in my award program were made by Graceful Catshark at Breaching Fin Graphics.  

If I have left any copyright information out, it is not intentional.


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All email that is sent to me through Mothers of Addicts UNITED is kept private and will not be shared with anyone.  All letters printed were sent to me for that purpose and permission was obtained from those individuals submitting the information.  Anytime a name is used, it has been used at the request of the person who submitted the name, and signed permission is also obtained.

The same is true for any information collected through my awards program through my application form.

I do not collect any personal information on any visitor except on my awards program application, nor do I use "cookies" to keep track of anyone entering my site.  The awards program application information is used only for the purpose of evaluating sites for my program and is disposed of once the evaluation is complete.

I also comply with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act which you can read here:   COPPA




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