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Gifts From Friends . . . . 

Award Rating Congratulations Gift
The night I received my 3.5 rating from Award Sites, my good friend, Cat, made 
this special congratulations gift for me to wake up to!


Gift Of Flowers
The beautiful flowers above were sent to me by two of my best friends in the whole world ..... Graceful Catshark from South Dakota and Sharkman from the island of Malta.  Together, the three of us formed a wonderful on-line group called "Treasures Of The Web".  We had no idea how close we would become when we started this project .... but I find that my life and my heart are touched daily by them.  They mean the world to me!  I had knee surgery this past week and found the flowers sitting at my door when we arrived home from the hospital.  I just had to take a picture of them to place here in honor of my two special friends .... Catshark and Sharkman



Hug For Vicki
Hi Vicki

I am a member of RAOK (Random Acts Of Kindness) and you have been chosen by the M.A.D. committee to receive a group hug.  Your story touched me very deeply and you have my deepest condolences in the loss of your daughter. I cannot even imagine what you are going through.  You are in my thoughts and my prayers. Please accept the attached gifts as a token of my friendship. 

Candle For Kathy


Special Gift From A Friend
Please visit this page that was made for me by my dear friend, Cat. My heart is so touched by this gesture.  And Then ... She Made Me Another ... 
Click Here To See It

Graceful Catshark


My Friend Cat
My special friend, Cat has made me so many beautiful gifts, I felt it was time to make a special page just for them.  Cat is the sister I never had.  We're so much alike .. it's frightening!



This beautiful clock was given to me for my birthday by the gentleman to whom this site is dedicated, Mr. David Masters. He helped me in the planning process and prodded me along when I felt I just couldn't finish it. He was my biggest "cheerleader" all the way. He doesn't have a website of his own, but he told me that every time I added a new award to my site, it made him want to give me one so badly, that he just had to do this for my birthday. In honor of Mr. Masters and this most special "award", I scanned the actual clock which sits right here on my desk, so that I could post it here at my site. 

Thank you, Mr. Masters, from the bottom of my heart.  I "treasure" this gift ....this most special award.

NCTreasure Clock
Inscription Reads:  
With Deep Appreciation For The Time Spent,
The Love And Dedication Shared, And The Dreams For A Better Tomorrow In The Creation Of


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Filipino Connection Gift

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