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Gifts From My "Sis" Cat . . . . 

Rainbow & Twinx

My parents gave me brothers ..... but life gave me a sister.  Cat and I met almost two years ago ... and we bonded with each other instantly.  We became the best of friends ..... as close as sisters ... closer than some.  

The closer we became .... the more the similarities came out.  We're both short, both blonde, we think alike ... we act alike.  The more we talked .. the more our likes and dislikes came out .... and the similarities continued.  We both used to be clowns, as you can see from the picture above (she's on the right), we both used to square dance ... and the list goes on and on.

She's a long ways from me, in South Dakota ... I'm in North Carolina.  Have we ever met? ... No .... but that doesn't matter.  We couldn't be any closer to each other if we lived next door.  We have plans to meet someday ... and I'm sure we will ... but until we do .... we're content just like we are.  I can call her anytime of the day or night (and have).  When my daughter was dying, and I was alone at night at the Hospice, Cat was always only a phone call away ... and she would sit with me by phone, while I cried.  That's what sisters are for .... right?   She's probably gonna kill me for using this picture, but its just so cute, I couldn't resist.  So here she is ..... my little "sis" .... Graceful Catshark.

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Up to her tricks again!

The day my daughter passed away, Cat sent me a card with the words below ... they really touched my heart.  

"Vic, Take your hand and place it over your heart right now. Then close your eyes... I am right there with you, tucked away in that heart. I'm the hand you feel on your shoulder when no one is around. No matter how great the distance, I am there with you, standing beside you. Lean on me all you need to, because I am here and I will be strong for you. That's what a little sis is for. *wink* Love ya Girl! Cat"

See what I mean ..... I have a special sister ... and I love her dearly.



Click on the half-heart above and you'll be taken to Shark Cove where you'll find the other half which belongs to Cat, my "Heart Sister".  


Sisters Heart Right Piece
The graphic below was given to me by her also.  It's kind of a private ... inside thing ... but if you know us ... you'll know what it means.  If you don't know us ... then we're just gonna have to keep you in .... suspense.  HeHe!
 NR Sisters


St.Patrick's Day Gift

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Birthday Gift

See now .... why I love her so much!


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