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All the roads have now converged
Your battle almost won
A golden door stands open
Lit by the setting sun.

Reach out your hand, step forward
Into the starry night
Be free from pain, be whole again
You've fought a long, hard fight.

May healing warmth embrace you
And love lift you with it's wings
May you smile again, with knowing
That you're bound for better things.

And may all of those who loved you
Remember only this
That you were beautiful and gifted
And very sadly missed.  

Written For Me By My Friend
~ Annie .. aka Koalaghost ~ 


This Is Kathy . . . . 

Kathy's Wedding

Kathy died peacefully at noon on June 18, 2001, lying in my arms at
 Beacon Place in Greensboro, NC.  She had been in declining health for
 several years and critically ill for several days.  

Visit Kathy On Our Wall - Column 8


Kathys Grave Stone

At first I was afraid that it might seem morbid to put Kathy's grave stone here, but so many of you are regular visitors to my site ... and many of you are Kathy's friends who will never be able to pay a real visit to her grave .... this way  ... you can.    I've  been asked by several people why I put the words "SHE WAS SOMEBODY" on her stone.   

Two or three days before Kathy died, she had woke up and we were talking and she said, "Mom ... please make sure that everybody knows that I WAS SOMEBODY.   The truth is, Kathy WAS SOMEBODY.  Yes, Kathy was an addict .... but in her addiction, she helped so many people.   She had many friends who looked up to her because she tried to help them .... including trying to help them get out of their addiction.   Make no mistake about it ..... "SHE WAS SOMEBODY"


Kathy At 16


Kathy tried so very hard to kick the drug habit that had such a grip upon her life.  One of her most
 favorite quotes which hung on the wall in her room was ....

"Oh Lord, thank you for letting me laugh ...
but don't ever let me forget ... that I cried."


Kathy Memorial Plaque
Kathy's Memorial Plaque made for me by Lady J.  
Click on the plaque to visit her site.



Kathy With Patrick

This is Kathy with her little boy, Patrick.
He's a special, special little boy and 
Kathy loved him dearly.




I thought this picture was so appropriate to use here on the site because this was the day that I took the pictures that were used to make the graphics for this entire website.  Kathy was sitting right beside me while I took the pictures.  She was doing well, had just gotten out of a treatment center and she was looking forward to getting her life back in order again.


Kathy On The Beach



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