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First Name:  Marilyn 
Email Address:
Comments: My Son has died from drug addiction. He ended up on Cocaine after soft drugs for years. He had found 6 years of sobriety (not through a recovery program or n.a or a.a) but through finding Jesus Christ in a very profound way. He lived in Joy those years. Then through a heart breaking relationship with a bad match he went back to drugs...then Cocaine. He died 3 years ago Sept 10 1999.  
It is Christmas once again and my heart is breaking. Death leaves such a sting. I have the comfort believing in God brings and that same Joy found in Jesus my son had and yet at the same time I hurt so much at Christmas!

First Name:  Roslyn 
Email Address: 
Comments: I am a survivor of alcohol addiction, drug addiction, spousal abuse, anorexia, rape, sexual abuse and child abuse. I am in recovery and my goal is to help others who are in the situations I have been in. You can also see my story at my website: 

First Name:  Linda 
Email Address:
Comments:  I am the mother of an heroin addict. Shawn has been on a methadone program for about 2 years. But he keeps going back to drugs, including cocaine. He is still living with us and it has been a roller coaster ride ever since he became addicted to cocaine about 6 years ago. He has slipped again. I believed he was using about 5 days ago and told him if he uses today that it was best for him not to come home. He phoned for a ride home tonight and he came clean that he had used. I don't know if I should go get him and try once again or not. He has phoned twice and I still don't know which way to go. He may call back but what I'm going to decide is still unknown even to me! 
  First Name: Lesley 
Email Address:
Comments:  My daughter who is 16, began using drugs when she was 14.  She has been clean now and attending N.A. for over 8 months.

  First Name:  Karen 
Email Address:
Comments:  I have a 19 son dependent on speed (and perhaps some other things he will not admit to me yet).  He is going to his first one-on-one counselling session.  I do not believe he truly wants to quit yet because he admitted to me the other day he still enjoys his life the way it is so I think we are about to enter the twilight zone tornado  of saying he will quit and then relapsing.  I have also gone through all of this with my 26 year old nephew who is currently in jail and attending NA.  I would gladly lend an understanding (albeit breaking) heart and shoulder to anyone in need.  And maybe perhaps a reciprocal shoulder now and again for me as well.
  First Name:  Jennifer 
Email Address:
Comments:  My boyfriend of two and a half years has just told me he has been using cocaine for about a year and a half.  Recreationally he said.  Now he admits it's a lot more than that.  He has been hard to reach, or talk to, or see.  Everything we shared doesn't matter anymore.  He said he wanted space from me or it was over between us.  I told him it was over now.  He broke my heart and just said okay as he drove off to be with his user friends.  This man is 43 years old.  He just threw us away!  I didn't know the signs, or just wasn't with him when he used the drugs.  I just can't comprehend how a drug can turn someone away from people they love.  Will he come back to me?  I feel so lost, and abandoned.  Please help if you can.  I feel alone.
  First Name:  Ruth 
Email Address:
Comments:  My son died Feb 4 2004 from a overdose of perscription drugs that he stoled from our local drug store. He was found in His appartment by the local police. They were going to His appartment to arrest him for armed robbery and found him died on the floor next to his bed. He is 28 yrs old and has been in and out of treatment centres in aa na ,for the past 4 yrs, but just couldn't stop.
  First Name:  Adrienne 
Email Address:
Comments:  My son moved out of my house this week. He was smoking dope and drinking (in the basement) and I couldn't tolerate it any longer. His dad died when he was a baby and I am a single parent. We used to be very close but these past couple of years have been rocky. He is 16. He is presently living with my mom. I know he has an addiction to marijuana and alcohol. It is at the point where he has to help himself. I have in the past brought him to see doctors and counsellors.  I feel I have lost my battle.
  First Name:  Gail 
Email Address:
Comments:    I am a recovering addict....17 years and also the mom of a girl out there living in active addiction. I pray everyday for her and sometimes that feels like its helping. I have put her in rehap twice...but she is still out there.  I know the healing that comes from sharing with other moms like me.   God bless all praying moms and god bless all our children.
  First Name:  Pam 
Email Address:
Comments:    My son is 25 and I still worry about him.  He has not hit his bottom and he is slowly killing himself.  A little bit of me seems to be going too.

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