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First Name: Deborah
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Comments: I have a 32 year old son who is currently incarcerated (not for the first time) as the result of his crack / alcohol addiction.  I am so grateful to find this website.  I often feel so overwhelmed by the whole thing.

First Name: Dee
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Comments: My name is Dee Georgette.  On April 23rd, 1998, I lost my 24 year old son, Tony to a heroin overdose just 11 days after completing a 60 day rehab program.  Tony had suffered with his addiction for about 5 years and as his mother, I suffered along with him.  After Tony's death, I joined an organization by the name of CCAR (Connecticut Community for Addiction Recovery).  There is found a home.  A home where people understood what had happened to my Tony and to our family.  People who knew Tony was a good and kind soul who suffered from a terrible disease.  Thru CCAR, I was able to start a support group here in Connecticut which I call LEGACIES.  Legacies is for families that have lost a child to a drug related death.  Legacies also is working as an advocacy group with the hopes of bettering the treatment forum and reduce the stigma that attaches itself to the disease of addiction, both for the addict and their family.  I would love to hear from anyone.  Please see the CCAR website at where you can view our organization and find out a little bit about Tony and my story.

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