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First Name:  Jackie 
Email Address: 
Comments: My son has a drug and alcohol problem and has had for several years now.  I had, until recently, successfully convinced myself otherwise.  Yesterday, I got a call from his friend telling me he had a seizure the night before after consuming a large amount of alcohol.  I am terrified.  I love him dearly.  He is, thank God, at home now.  I am in the proess of seeking help for him and our family.  If I can help anyone else in any way, I would be grateful to.

First Name:  Sylvia 
Email Address:
Comments:   I lost my 20 year old daughter, Amber, to a heroin over-dose Dec. 14, 2001.  I am in the process of trying to help others at this point and it is helping my healing.  I find reaching out to others is what I do best.  I just met a new "one of us moms" who lost her son to a heroin over-dose April 5, 2003.  She does not have a computer, and would like to meet someone in her area who has lost a child to heroin so they can share and help each other.  I live in Ga., but I do call her and send cards.  Her name is: Mrs. Donna Romanoski, 6961 E. Michigan Circle, Anaheim, Ca.  92807.  Also, there is a Law that we can file in most states, The Drug Dealer Liability Act.  This Law allows us to file a civil suit against the drug dealer involved with our child.  This is on the web:

Hope to hear from my new friends who share the same bond, and please remember Donna.  Anyone in her area, please contact her.  She is hurting right now, and the pain is still so new.

First Name:  Debby 
Email Address:
Comments: My son is in prison due to his drug addiction.  I would love to have someone to share the heartaches I am feeling and to possibly help someone with theirs also.
  First Name:   Vickie 
Email Address:
Comments:    My daughter is addicted to crack cocaine. I need help from people to deal with these problems. My daughter lives with me and my mom and her 3 year old daughter. Sandy doesn't do drugs at home. She leaves evernight and comes home and sleeps all day. I try to get the courage to kick her out but the mother part of me can't. Please I need someone to talk to.  Thanks,
Vickie Manning
Rome, Georgia
  First Name:   Sandee 
Email Address:
Comments:    My son is 34 and has been battling alcohol and drugs since he was a young teenager.  He has an older brother who is an attorney and very successful and a younger sister who has custody of his daughter.  He is handsome, smart and funny, but he's so very sick.   The longest he has been sober in 17 years is about 11 months.  He goes on binges and then tries again and again to acquire sober time, only to relapse again.  He has tried vitamins, exercise, AA, halfway houses, treatment centers.  He's been on the street and upstairs in my spare bedroom.   His education was never completed, though he is certainly capable.  I've cried rivers, I've enabled and I stopped enabling and I still try to be supportive in his attempts at sobriety.  I've kept journals for years and when I read back over them, I feel so hopeless at the repetition of events that have taken place over all these years.   I wonder where it will end?  I have steeled myself to hear of his death. But I know that I am not prepared and would be destroyed.  I lost my husband (his father) when my children were 9, 10, and 12.  He was an attorney, also, and we were on vacation in Nassau when he was shot and killed.  So my son has experienced tragedy and seems to have kept that loss in his heart instead of going on with what he has left.   His daughter is beautiful, intelligent and talented and adores him.  Her mother is also an addict, so we are trying to keep her safe from the ramifications of the disease.  I want to share by experiences with anyone who needs an ear.  I've seen it all.


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