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First Name: Teresa
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Comments: I have two sons who are addicts.  The addiction has nearly destroyed them and our family.  They both have been in and out of treatment centers, one who was taken out of the home and placed in SRS custody.  The other who is now serving 45 days in jail for probation violation, and his next step is prison.  My husband and I have stuck by them and supported the, but we are getting very weary!  I would appreciate any input.  Thanks for listening.

First Name: Wanda
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Comments: I am the daughter of,wife of,and mother of alcoholics,plus one son is addicted to drugs.My youngest son is clean and sober again today,has been for 112 days now.My oldest son has been sober for 2 yrs.My husband the same as youngest son,112 days.It was seeing my husbands condition when he was admitted to treatment by youngest son that helped him to stop.Hubby was in VERY bad condition then,and son had not seen him that way before.I watched him cry the day his Dad was admitted,while he himself was drunk.And had been smoking weed.I figured later,seeing how it affected him,that if seeing Dad that bad and the admitting councelor for hubby telling him that he could be that bad someday,helped him to see he needed to stop.Then Thank God he saw him.
My oldest son was sent to treatment 2 yrs ago,he had drank himself nearly to death.His liver swollen,had 7 mini attacks,one laying on the Dr's table one hot summer day.The day he went was a Sunday,my son was drunk by 10 am that morning.I went to him and told him he was going to treatment.He of course was angry,and was determined he wasn't.And that I could not force him to go.Well,he learned that day just how much a Mom can do.He told me he was 36 yrs old and I could not make him do anything.....LOL.Well,I told him today is the last day you are going to drink.You are going for help.He called a police officer he knew and asked him to come by his home.When the officer got there,he asked him if his Mom could force him to go for treatment.  The officer told him,well,you have a good trip to treatment,you really need the help Bud.  Yes,your Mother can force you to treatment.Now,does she have to get a court order,or are you going to be nice and go peacefully.  We left about 30 minutes later.He has been sober since.  My husband has been sober 112 days now also.This was his 5th trip to treatment.So,concidering this number of times.I will wait and see. My Father was never sober that I can remember.He drank while Mom worked and raised us kids.Why she never left him is a mystery to me.He died in Feb 1995.Mom is in a retirement home.She also is mentally unstable.I figure she had to be to live that many yrs with him...or it brought her to this point.  I pray my Grandchildren will not carry this on,but statistics and research say its inheridted.My poor babies,I pray they do not.

First Name: Nancy
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Comments: As I write this, my daughter is at the Adult Detox Unit at KU Med.  This is the first go 'round with detox.  She has tried to go it alone, and some half-hearted attempts with NA.  She is 28, single, college graduate.  She hasn't worked for a year.  She was teaching French, but took off and went to Mexico with her boyfriend a year ago.  She didn't make it back by the time second semester started and lost her job.  That was almost exactly a year ago, and she hasn't worked since. 

She apparently dabbled with drugs while in college, but had a good self image as she was on the Dean's List, studied abroad, traveled abroad and worked as a waitress to support her travels.  While she was studying in France, her boyfriend back here drowned while saving a toddler's life.  She has basically been in a downward spiral ever since. 

Tonight on the phone she told me that she didn't think the program was going to work for her.  I just felt sick when she said that, already a defeatist attitude and only 48 hours into detox. 

Wish us luck!

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