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First Name: Pauline 
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Comments:  I have a son who has been a drug addict for about 8 years now. He is 32 years old. Right now he is in drug rehab. He has been there for about a week now. I hope this helps him because I don't know what to do anymore.

First Name: Norma 
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Comments: Experience in the areas of cocaine and alcohol.

First Name: Sandy 
Email Address: 
Comments: I lost my only son Jason, 2 years ago this month. Jason dove out the window of a third story apartment house on a bad LSD trip. He had been out of rehab for almost a year and was to graduate college in 5 days. His best friend (lifelong) Joey, was murdered over LSD 5 years earlier at the age of 19 by someone they took in off the street because they felt sorry for him and five years later LSD killed him too.

First Name: Susan 
Email Address: 
Comments: I have a 19 year old daughter who is an addict. She has recently gone to rehab and is clean for "today". She almost died twice, once on cocaine, the last time on LSD. We are taking it one day at a time now.


First Name:   Missy 
Email Address:
Comments:   My fiancee of a year now has been in and out of additctions of everything from pain pills and fianlly hit the devil drug CRACK! I was the one who supported his decision to attend a local methadone clinic, for 6 months I watched him transform into the guy I promised my world to. About 5 months ago he lost temporary visitiation on his little girl, Ashtyn was Brant's heart and without her in his life I watched apart of him die everyday. He was recently living with me and my 2 children, I watched Brant fall a little faster everyday and well thought if I would just continue to clean up the nights of vomit and close the door to the bedroom because he couldn't get out bthe bed that maybe it would go away but in all truth all I was doing was allowing to kill himself. I have heard him ask me so many times to let him just move back home until we could get back on our feet,but it's like all I was hearing was he was leaving. I guess thats what you would call deniel. Five days ago we had a horrible fight and instead of letting him go peacefully I kept begging to stay, well he blew up and the next thing I knew I was face first in the bed room wall! Brant has never raised his hand to me and to be honest I don't think that was him, when I turned to see the expression on his face I guess I was hoping to see him in shock but instead all I saw was a look of no remorse, I guess that's why they call it the devils drug!! I haven't heard from in since the day he walked out, and want so badly to call and beg him to come home for the fear that he doesn't love me anymore, but what's so strangeis I can say with sure confidence that he misses us as much as we miss him. I've taken this past week and really stepped back and looked at this situation with some sense, the conclusion I've come to not just one time but several is GOD is the one that can help him. I just wish I knew what he was thinking right now. I will not give up on Brant because of the person I know he truly is inside, he loves me just as much as I love him and well letting him go to me has proved that, this is the only way he will help himself. I promised Brant I would never turn my back on him no matter what we indured and well I know to that this drug has made him weak in every way and well its up to me to reach out to GOD not just for me but for him too! Afterall isn't that what loving someone is all about. I've waved my choices in writing him out of my life for good but I can't imagine someone breaking my trust in them so how can I turn my back on someone I've sworn to be true to. I'm not but 28 and I have 2 small children of my own and yes! I say excuse the experssion but fuck this ,I'm to pretty and have to much to lose but everything I have to lose has a part of him with it. I am so scared and confused and want so much to just run to him and hold him but I know now that the only two people that can help is Brant and GOD! I guess I'm just craving and longing for the day he will come to me and when he does I know I will be changed forever and so will he because I will know then that all of my tears and all of my prayers and all of our pain will be down to just one simple word and that is LOVE!! Please pray for Brant he truly is a wonderful person and I long for the day that I can hold him in my arms again because without him I die a little more each day!!! Please keep us in your prayers and I will e-mail back to up date from time to time. Also thanks to whoever created this site, you are truly a gift from GOD!, IN TEARS UNTIL MY LOVE RETURNS SINCERELY,MISSY.


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