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First Name:  Erlene 
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Comments: My son has a crack cocaine/alcohol addiction.  He has been in prison three times.  Each time he's released, he does good for a few months, then all of a sudden, he relapses.  This has gone on for the last eight years and he is now 30 years old with two daughters of his own.  My husband and I had to put him in a shelter last night to see if they can help him with his addiction problems.  The pain that I am bearing now is hurting me constantly.  There is nothing I can say or do for him ... he is beyond my reach.  I keep praying and asking God to help him and me because I can't turn anywhere else.

  First Name:  Patricia 
Email Address: 
Comments:   My 19 year old is addicted to herion, we put in a treatment center in December.  After one week he checked himself out, we let him come home and in February sent him out state for treatment , he now wants to come home  before finishing the treatment program.
  First Name:   Natalie 
Email Address:
Comments:    My 18 year old sister is addicted to heroin/crack! She moved out a few months ago to live with a drug dealer/addict. She once was a beautiful honor student on her way to college. Now we never see her, and the one time I have she looked like death. She has ran so far away from all of us.


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