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First Name:  Glenda
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Comments: My son is 25 and has been fighting cocaine addiction since he was 16. At 16, we put him in rehab for a month. He got out and was so sincere about quitting, but just hasn't been able to shake it. He is married with two children and needless to say, this is playing havoc with his marriage and everyone around him.

First Name:  Shannon
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Comments:  I have 4 beautiful children, 2 of them are addicts. My youngest son (20) has been sentenced to 2-4 years in prison because of his oxecotin addiction. He was sentenced only 1 month ago.  My oldest daghter is also addicted. She has lost custody of her two beautiful children because of this. I feel alone most of the time because I am a divorcee and my significant other is here for me, but he can't understand the anguish and pain that I go through every day. My greatest fear is that I will have to bury her as we have buried friends of hers. 
  First Name:  Rose
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Comments:  I have been a member of Al-anon for 15 years.....but my oldest son got killed in 1998 and my life has fallen apart again. My husband of 35 years finally got sober ..... then our son got killed ..... and he is worse then ever. My youngest son smokes pot and is not doing anything since his brother got killed. I know support is what we all need in this time of heartache. I hope I can help others too as I get support.  Thank you so much.  Rose
  First Name:  Judy
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Comments:  I I have two beautiful daughters, ages 31 and 19. The oldest is married and has 3 children. When she was single, she did more then her fair share of partying. She no longer does, but still has cravings now and again. We come from a family of alcoholics. I've done more than my share, but thanks to the Lord, I know longer drink. My youngest has been busted 4 times for MIP's, is on probation, has been in therapy and alcohol classes. She lived on her own for 6 months, but the landlord had to many complaints about the loud parties, the fighting, the cops etc...She is home now for about 5-6 months. It is hell, the worrying, the moods. Her car hasn't been running for about a year, she has a good job and now that she is home she has gotten her fines paid up and other bills too. So... now she is trying to get her car on the road. I am scared to death for her and anyone or anything on the road. I feel like telling her PO that she is still drinking and smoking weed and hanging out with other people on probation.  She goes to the bars, drinks before and after.  She comes in at all hours or doesn't come home or call.  She works part time so it's not only on the weekends.  I hate the weekends, holidays and any time off work.  I don't get to relax, or half the time I can't even get much done around home.  I am so tired and stressed most of the time.  I am a Christian and I love her so much.  I hate the thought that I should kick her out.  Half the time I don't know if I should be loving and supportive or take the tough love attitude.  I am confused and a mess.  I, of course, feel responsible because of my past behavior.
  First Name:    Barbara
Email Address:
Comments:    I am a 50 year old grandma raising my daughters two small children, because of her addiction to crack cocaine, I have had custody for a year now, this nightmare of seeing my 25 yr old daughter become someone else has been hell. I'm so glad I have Jesus to keep me sane!! If I can be a mutual support for anyone , drop me a line!

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