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First Name:   Shelli
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Comments:   My brother is a meth addict. It has fallen to me and my mom to take care of him because my father passed away two years ago and my other brother is unable to cope due to his own marital, financial and chemical abuse problems. Mainly it has fallen to me. My mom moved in with me, my husband and our three kids because my brother drained her financially and she could no longer afford to live on her own. My mom is accepting of the fact that he is an addict, but is too willing to believe him when he says he is done. He gets to a point where he cannot function on his own mentally and then everything falls to me. I have been organizing an intervention with a counselor and his friends, getting him on a waiting list for a treatment center, trying to arrange how all of that will get paid for in addition to managing my children's busy schedules and trying to maintain my own sanity. I feel frustrated, defeated, worried, hopeless and scared. I have searched everywhere on the internet for an online support system, since the only time I have time to give is early mornings and late evenings, but have been unable to find anything. I am sorry that I rambled on. You said brief description.  Thanks for listening. Shelli

  First Name:   Domita
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Comments:   My 16 yr old daughter-been using for awhile, but at the moment in aftercare and foster care. Has run the whole gamut of teenage angst--suicide attempts, running away, drugs, and several mental health issues. I am always afraid that one day I will get a call that I have lost my daughter-permanently. I am trying to find a way to cope-and wonder what I can do to 'make it better'.

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