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First Name: Tim
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Comments: I was born into a family of addiction, for twenty years of my adult life I took for granted my good health, and gifts of talent, skill, and ability. Not to mention family and friends. By the grace of God, I came to life again. I wrote a journal about my journey and published it for others to read in the hope that they may learn from my mistakes and also see how I overcame my addictions.

These days I am invited to high schools to share in my experience and book with young people.  It is free to those who cannot afford to pay for it, please contact me at  Peace be with you, Tim O’Brien

First Name:   Dawn
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Comments:     My 18 year old daughter is a heroin addict. She has been in rehabs but nothing has worked. She always goes back to the drug. Last week she overdosed on it. I just feel numb. I don't know what I can do any more. Looking for help. It does help to know many other parents are feeling my pain. Because I do not know any other parent that has a child on heroin.

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