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First Name:   Mari
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Comments:   For the past 12-13 years, our family has been in a turmoil that after finding this site, realized will probably never change. My 26 year old daughter is an addict to meth. She has been arrested numerous times, in prison twice. She tells me that I would never believe the things she has done or seen. After all these years, I do believe, even though I live in a denial state of mind. I always hope she is not using. When she was released in April 2002 from prison, she returned home and was doing well, going to NA meetings, working, feeling good about herself. We too, were so proud of her progress. Then slowly, her hours at work were less and less, which we suspect she initiated, enabling her to go out every night, coming home in the early morning (4-5 AM). 
First Name:   Leslie
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Comments:    My brother died March 11 of an oxycontin overdose.  He was alive in the morning, running errands, having coffee, visiting friends.  he went home, went to bed and never woke up.  they didn't take care of his body very well, because they just thought he was another addict.   he wasn't.
First Name:   Salve
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Comments:    My 25 year old son has addicted to Meth for many years now. He's has been in and out of juvenile detention and prison since he was 13 years old.

When her was under age, I have placed in in several treatment programs but has not helped at all. Now that he is an adult, he is no longer covered by my insurance and we cannot afford treatment centers.

He actions are total disregard to his well being. He actions also affect us a great deal with worry. He has stolen from his family numerous time. I thank GOD he is non violent and will not physically hurt his family.

My do I help him?


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