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First Name:   Paula
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Comments: My 29 year old son has been a heroin addict for 10 years.  He has lied, stolen from everyone, been arrested, been too many rehabs and has had intermittent time frames of sobriety.  My husband and 14 year old son were killed in 1996 in a boating accident and as we were burying them, my son was stealing from everyone.  He is now incarcerated in Az for six months and never sounded better.  He has plenty of time to think and is determined not to waste any more precious time.  I also have a 25 year old daughter who is expecting her first baby in August and hopefully he will be a part of this blessed event.  I can actually sleep at night knowing that he is safe, in jail. His addiction has affected our whole family like a cancer. He is my son and I do love him and will not turn my back on him, but I am too emotionally exhausted to let him consume all my thoughts, because ultimately it is up to him to have a decent clean life.  My biggest fear is burying another child, I just can't do it.  I do however, refuse to give up on him because when he is sober, he is a pleasure to have around.  Thank you for letting me speak, because I am so tired of lying to everyone about him and here I feel I can be honest and it feels good.

First Name:   Jodie
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Comments:     My son died of a heroin overdose ...  I want him BACK!

First Name:   Linda
Email Address:
Comments:     My 32 year old son returned home from the west coast in April.  He has admitted to being a heroin addict.  He sought the only treatment he could afford in Seattle -- Methadone Maintainance.  He continues in a program here.  Our already not-so-good marriage is rapidly deteriorating as my husband and I cannot agree on issues related to what part we can play in our son's recovery.  It appears to all of us (son included) that this methadone road is AWFUL.  I would like to be able to communicate with other parents who may be in a similar situation.  Would also like to find a "chat" room or bulletin board for info and support.  I send heartfelt thoughts to all those who have shared their "stories".  It is so valuable to know I'm not alone.

First Name:   Deirdre
Email Address:
Comments:     My 19 year old daughter has been a heroin addict since 17. Same story as everyone else. In and out of institutions, lived on the streets, has Hep C. We have a 14 year old HS freshman who has now blossomed since she left our house about a year ago to live with a junkie boyfriend. Her father is much better at tough love than I am. I just want to hold her and rock her until she gets well.   Someone else mentioned an online forum. My husband and I do a parents network list serve that was relatively easy to set up and doesn't take too much time but right now I am so overloaded trying to get my life back that I can not offer to do it for this group. But you can set one up through or and its free. You just need a moderator. If someone is willing please give it a try.

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