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First Name:    Jennie
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Comments:   I have a crack addicted daughter, age 24.  I have been caring for her two small children ( 2 1/2 and a brand new 5 yo) since 12-01.  She comes and goes, in and out of their lives.  It is beginning to really hurt the older Grandson.  I tell him she is "sick" but he sees her with men and looking normal enough.  I have decided I need a break from her, at least a month.  She came Sunday to pick up clothes totally stoned and I told her to never come back stoned again.  She reacted with anger.  She has stolen from me, lied to me and has obtained credit using my name.  I have her children and she never says thanks.  I love the babies and we are happy together.  I strive to be consistent and loving with them.  I would love to be of any help to anyone in similar circumstances.  I find not a lot of support out there for us!  Love, Jennie

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