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First Name:    Ellen
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Comments:   My son has been involved in drugs and alcohol for about 10 years, has been in and out of jail for numerous charges, drugs, fraud, traffic violations, identity theft, etc. I don't know how many times.  Right now he is in another state looking at charges for credit card fraud.  I know that this all stems from use of methemphetemines.  That hideous drug destroyed his conscience that leads to stealing and pawning peoples possessions to support his habit.  He is in such a desperate situation and has caught himself up in such a web, he can't seem to find his way out.  I know when he gets out of this jail, he is in trouble in two other states.  My husband (his stepfather) doesn't care for him so I kind of live in my own separate world and can't talk to him about my son.  I of course pray for him all the time, and wish he was back with me, as of course I would like to get him the help he needs.  I am trusting Jesus to change him, but it's a long hard road.  I can't remember the last time I really felt at peace with my life.  It seems to control my whole life.  Everyone says they have to hit rock bottom, but sometimes they don't come come back up very easily.  

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