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First Name:   Bonnie
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Comments: My son has a crack cocaine / alcohol addiction. He just got out of prison in October. This drug addiction is like a demon and it's tearing me apart. I feel lost and helpless.

First Name:   Annette
Email Address:
Comments:   Son on Crack/Cocaine...feel helpless...heartbroken, numb.

First Name:   Barbara
Email Address:
Comments:   My son is a herion addict, who is trying so hard to stay clean. he was clean for 3 months and  he slipped last week, i came home to find him from an overdose, and almost dead. i thank god every day  for giving me the strength to save his life. i fear everyday that i will find him dead. my life has been living around him and i have none. i live for his   addiction hoping god will cure and heal him. please help me to find peace and help my son.

First Name:   Linda
Email Address:
Comments:   Right now my daughter is on the streets of West Baltimore, Maryland.  Last year was the same and she almost died.  Her weight plummeted to 85 pounds.  Her body was covered with abscesses.  Prior to all this, she received a special education that started off very well but eventually ended with treatment in out-of-state residential facilities.   That in itself was very painful not only for me, as her mother, but my entire family.  Many of these places promise a lot, but never deliver.  These places will turn the child against his/her family because of activities that go on there.  I can't elaborate on this, but it happened.   My daughter, in spite of our efforts has felt rejected and unloved.  I must give her credit.  In spite of all the negativity that has occurred in her life, she struggled for a long time so that she could be "normal."  But eventually she gave up and no amount of therapy has been able to help her.   My daughter was traumatized to the point that she is resistant.  She has just cause because anytime I try to help, it falls apart.  Before she went back on the streets 2 months ago, she called me to let me know what she was going to do.  At the moment she told me, I felt this explosion go off inside of myself.   I shut-down during that conversation because I felt helpless to be able to stop her.  I said to her, I can't help you.  I have tried.  She responded, and I will never forget this, "I know mom, and she began to cry."  Eventually, after a week, I started coming out of my shell and with some help, I talked to several people to devise a plan--that is, if she makes it off the streets alive.   The plan that I spent time in devising was met with resistance.  I want her to have a complete medical evaluation, psychiatric treatment, and the substance rehabilitation that includes vocational help.  Sounds easy--she has insurance.  But for some reason this will never be.   It's as though everyone sits back and watches and when she hits a critical point something will give.  Maybe not what she actually needs, but just to get her off the street...and then we have another year probably with the same--next year.

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