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Comments:   Daughter is a crack addict.  14 year old grandson now lives with other grandmother.  Ended up there because of the "playing us against each other".  5 year old grandson and 1 year old grandson are now with daughter again. I raised the 5 year old for 2 years because she was in an accident while on crack and her 4th and 5th vertabrae were moved to the side of her neck.  The child was in the back seat.  Car rolled 8 times.  God worked a miracle.  Grandson not hurt at all.  She has pins and metal in her head and neck, but only lost use of 10% of her motor strength.  They lived with me.  She did drug deals in my house when I was not there.  In my back yard when I was.  She went to prison for a year.  I took the child.  They gave him back, 20 times.  She stayed what we thought was straight and got pregnant again, met another man, who she now sells herself for and brings him and her back the crack and they use it in the bedroom while the children are in the other room.  I know.  I saw it.  My eyes just opened for the first time.  I love her and don't want to lose her, but now I know I can do nothing except maybe help the children.  I reported this for the first time in 7 years last saturday, still do not know if my grandchildren are safe today.  She won't let me see them unless I go there and take them whenever she wants me too.  I want to take those children and hide with them.  I want to her to be caught and get the right treatment.  But God is not ready for that yet.  I am so scared.  CHIPS can't contact me because she has to give them permission.  When she is high I am the last person she wants to see.  I am so sorry for your loss. I live with the knowledge everyday that I may never see her again in the sunlight or her smile, or her lovely face.  I pray everyday, my daughter turns around and stops using.  But everyday I am so afraid I will lose her forever.  My husband died of a 3 year battle with leukemia 12 years ago.  I am so alone and so scared for the children for her and for me. 


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