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So many of you have expressed a desire to be a part of this project that I've decided to try to expand into a Support Network.  There are so many people who need help ... people who need to talk .... people who just need a shoulder.  As hard as I've been trying to be everything to each of you .... there is just so much response now ... that I'm falling behind ... and it kills me to think of letting any of you down.

A lot of you have written to me to say that you'd like to talk to other people who are hurting. Many of you who have been living in this nightmare for years ... as I have ... have written to say that you'd like to put your experience to work ... to help others. I'm finding more and more everyday ... that by helping you ... I'm continually finding help for myself.

Below are the first names and email addresses of people who have signed up so far and would like to correspond with other people with the same problems. I've divided them up by state, but don't let that keep you from contacting someone in another state. That doesn't matter ..... we all live or have lived in this nightmare, whether in California or Maine, Canada or Australia.  We all share this pain.

I've added a link to a sign-up form for anyone who would like to be a part of this support network. As responses comes in ... I'll just keep adding them in. Feel free to email anyone listed below.  That's what they're there for.  Please don't be afraid to sign up.  I think this could grow into a nationwide support network.  Let's keep this going until we get every single state covered!!!


United States
(If The State Isn't Linked - No One Has Signed Up From That State Yet)





I Want To Help, Too!  Take Me To The Sign-Up Form




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